Of all the cities in the world it seems that New York is most heavily affected by the Corona crisis, it is called the “epicentre of the wordlwide Corona crisis”  in the media. The mundane charts of this city about which so many songs were written ,must indeed be very dark. But how do we get such a chart of New York? Of course, you coud take a look at the Aries ingress chart calculated for the city to analyse what would be happening there,  but to make it really specific its would be  better to use a city chart.

This can be done by the technique of the Great Conjunctions (“GC’s”) of Saturn and Jupiter which will give you a reliable and effective city chart. You will take the GC chart  preceding the foundation of the city as a “mundane radix” , which for New York brings us to 16 July 1623, 17:46:15 (LMT) Asc 29.05 Sagittarius. This city chart will not be shown and discussed now , as this was done before, what interests us now is the current solar return which can be calculated on the basis of the GC city chart.

This return (click on the download button) shows very clear signs of crisis, hard to overlook, which again proves the effectiveness of this, maybe at first sight somewhat strange technique. The first thing striking the eye is the Ascendant falling on Labrum the main star in the Cup. Labrum is a star of fate striking, the cup filled with poison will have to be drunk, it shall not pass you by. Moreover, there is this a concentration of astrological factors around the nodal axis, a planet is an energy which structures reality so a concentration of energies indicate an important event.

In this solar return the Luminaries the Sun and the Moon are even in opposition, a Full Moon indicating tensions but this takes place near the nodes. And a lunation (a Full Moon or a New Moon) near the nodes is an eclipse so there is a lunar eclipse in the the NYC solar return, the luminary will go out in the city, the Moon is the General Significator of routines which will stop.

Around this eclipse Pluto the Lord of the Dead, malefic Saturn, the antscion of Jupiter Lord 6 of illness and Venus Lord 10 in the mundane radix are assembled, an enormous energy concentration. The elipse itself is on Wega the Vulture coming down, no need for explanations. The texts tend to be positive about Wega, but in mundane astrology it again and again it proves to be a real vulture. So even without checking the synastry with the city radix, the indications for a disaster are over-whelming. This was peredestined when the city was founded which may be reason for some reflection on the nature of our celestal art and life on earth.

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