Finally the time has come, the liberal Mark Rutte is leaving politics. He has been Prime Minister of the Netherlands since 2010, making him the longest-serving Prime Minister of our country ever. He leaves behind a trail of scandals, under his leadership an incredible amount of things went out of control, but let’s focus on his chart, what can be seen there of the end of this very remarkable career?

We will not interpret his radix here, but focus on what the various forecasting methods show about this not insignificant moment in his career. The nice thing is that these methods are so clear, but that this goes completely against his own ideology. After all, liberalism radically believes in self-determination, that your life is partly predetermined and that you have a destiny is alien to the right-minded liberal.  Everything is up to you, if something doesn’t work out, you have yourself to blame and success is your merit. Astrology shows that this is not true. Succes is not made, it is given.

In detriment and fallen

The first thing that strikes us when looking at the prediction techniques is the amazing power of the Firdaria, the rulers of time periods of several years. In 2006 Rutte became leader of his party the VVD, that was the moment his Sun Firdar started. It is true that the Sun in his radix is not so strong, but a new Firdar ruler always indicates important changes and the Sun is of course appropriate for leadership. During this Sun Firdar he became prime minister for the first time.


But it is the next Firdar ruler that announces the almost unassailable omnipotence he displayed for so long. That next Firdar ruler is Venus, who is in exaltation in Pisces, in a strong angular house. Venus is also Lord 10 of the job, it is clear that his finest hour has arrived! But just as clearly the Firdaria indicate when it will be over, in early 2024 Mercury becomes Firdar ruler and Mercury is extremely weak in its fall and detriment in Pisces. Mercury is also on the fixed star Achernar which is connected to the fall of Phaeton loosing control of the Solar Chariot!   


The progressions complete this picture, Venus /Lord 10 of the job has been moving through the Algol crisis zone for a number of years, the infamous Rutte teflon had already worn off a bit for some time. The Ascendant moves towards a conjunction with the antiscion of that weak Mercury – which is also Lord 1 – and the progressed Pars of Fortune is these months moving over the progressed and natal South Node. The South Node always requires a painful sacrifice. The secondary progression of the Moon through the Lunar Mansions – the “Manzils” – also clearly indicates that a new phase has begun, less than a year ago with the first Aries mansion  Al Sharatain a whole new cycle of 28 years started!

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