Mark Rutte is no longer the leader of the Dutch liberals of the VVD, but he is still prime minister of the Netherlands, as long as a new cabinet has not yet been formed. However, many ministers have left his cabinet like rats a sinking ship in recent months, especially the opportunists of the ignominiously defeated D’66, the “left-liberals” who seem to have little political future. They didn’t know how quickly they had to look for as job elsewhere, because the party didn’t have much career to offer any more. Prime Minister Rutte is also bending over backwards to secure his next job as NATO secretary-general, especially by flattering the Americans. What Israël is doing in Gaza he therefore calls the “right to self-defense” .

Al Batn Al Hut

It is well known that Mark Rutte has a creative relationship with the concept of truth, which also makes him the ultimate diplomat and negotiator, who can inimitably bring parties together. That skill makes him exceptional and is one of his main assets. The Lunar Mansion in his radix – the core story in a life – is Al Batn-Al Hut, the Belly of the Fish, that can be associated with the two Fishes and the cord that connects them. The two Fishes are the symbol of the two polar forces on which the cosmos is built and they are connected by by the cord. The picture couldn’t be clearer.

Mark Rutte


This is further strengthened by the position of Lord 10 of the career, which is Venus, the planet of harmony, exalted in the seventh house, it can therefore show itself powerfully in the world. In the profections, the prognosis technique in which we move a house every year, it is also the turn of the tenth house this year. So that would fit well with a new job at NATO, the strong Venus / Lord 10 is emphasized this year. A little further on in the seventh house, Mercury is in detriment  and fall, which shows its most unassuming side. The planet of liars and slickers, comes out strongly in an angular house and conjunct very powerful Achernar, Rutte has used Mercury to the fullest. 

Mercury Firdar

Jupiter, the planet of the governing elite, has a lot of influence, he is the dispositor of four planets and is in aspect with the Moon. That makes Jupiter Almuten Figuris, a planet that has a lot of influence in the life. Jupiter is also very strong in exaltaion in the eleventh house, on the very strong Procyon. So there is more than enough compensation for the MC falling into the notorious crsis zone on Alcyone, the main star of the disappointing Pleiads. The Pleiades are a nebula and that contributes to the fact that he can keeps thing hidden, they act like a smokescreen. Remarkably, a new Firdar will start with his birthday next week. He closes the 8-year Venus  Firdar,  under which he had his heyday, and starts the Mercury-Firdar, which  could reflect a new job. By the way, Mars is very strong in his horoscope, so military matters also suit him!      

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