Over the past six months of Corona crisis we heard a lot again from former Microsoft boss Bill Gates. He is investing his IT billions in the search for a vaccin and he is one of the big sponsors of the UN World Health Organisation WHO. Yes this is true, the WHO accepts funding from private parties and this is very strange, Gates is said to influence WHO policies considerably. This fits in with his “post-Microsoft’’ image of the Great Benefactor who is trying to help the world. Whether he is sincere is something doubted by many people, but not something not to be discussed in an astrological blog.

What is interesting astrologically is the question if his sudden powerful public role can be seen in his chart? His radix (28 october 1955, 21:59 PST, Seattle, Asc 26.47 Cancer) will not be discussed here, you can find this delineation in my book about the fixed stars (The Wessex Astrologer, 2019). The only point of interest now is a striking conjunction is his natal second house of money and possessions. In the last degree of Leo General Significator of wealth Jupiter in its triplicity is conjunct Pluto (also connected to wealth) on super-royal Regulus! This is an extremely powerful position and it has determined a large part of his life. Lord 2 of money the Sun is not very strong but it does conjunct (by antiscion) the Part of the Sun also called the Part of Abundance! 

But what do the progressions and the other prediction methods show us? First the Firdaria, the longer periods ruled by a planet. Gates is in a Mercury Firdar, and Mercury is moderately strong in his radix, we do still hear from him, but Mercury  placed in the fourth house so not fully active “up there” in the tenth house. Then the profection,  the house “lightening up” this year, it the fifth house, cusp 5 is on the powerful royal South Scale and there are three planets involved with this house so some action may be expected.

This is confirmed by the most important prediction method of all the progressions (for the planets) and the directions (for the angles) click on the download button above to view them. Note well there is no such thing as a “progressed chart”, the only thing you see here are progressed / directed positions. It is very clear, the progressed Moon has moved over the extremely powerful radix and progressed Pluto-Jupiter on super-royal Regulus. So his natal power-house was activated again and at the same time, the directed MC is moving over royal Aldebaran, the martial Bull’s Eye staring at the world. The Moon is now leaving the Pluto-Jupiter power-house behind but the MC (it speed is about 1 degree a year) will be on Aldebaran for some time, so Gates will still be on stage for some time.  

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