The European elections have had major political consequences in France. The radical right-wing Rassemblement National (“RN”) won overwhelmingly, receiving twice as many votes as the ruling liberal “macronists”. Macron then dissolved parliament and surprised the country by calling new elections. Most likely, all of that will lead to a “cohabitation”, a situation in which the government has a different political color than the president. That’s uncomfortable, but not the first time.


Macron must have thought: let my opponents solve the big problems, then the people will see that they can’t do it either. The next presidential elections will be in 2027 and the liberal macronists could win them then. In doing so, Macron is trying to save his grand project to modernize and liberalize the country, a strategic move. But at the moment things are not going well and after his mircaulous unstoppable rise, he has to swallow one defeat after another this year. This can be seen immediately in the solar return as on the Ascendant of the solar is Algol, the headhunter and the great crisis star.

Sr Macron 24

That alone shows that it will not be a good year. With Algol you have to let go of something that you are very attached to, it is the Head of Medusa that is cut off by Perseus. On the MC of the solar return there is another star that indicates that it will be a remarkable year, Terebellum one of the three stars of fate. This means that something you could see coming for some time is now going to happen. Lord 1 in the solar return  – “Macron in his life this year” – is Venus who is weak in the house of his opponents (with 5 degrees orb) who therefore control him.

House 8

It is also noticeable that there are no less than three planets in the eighth house of death and so you see that that house cannot only literally mean death but also a profound irreversible loss. The Sun of power is in the eighth house and extra striking: Mars falls exactly on the cusp, Mars is natal Lord 10 of the job.Macron himself cannot be presidential candidate in 2027 for the third time, but it will interesting to look at the charts of his possible successors. So we can see whether this political poker game will be successful.

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