The days are growing darker and darker and even Christmas is appearing on the horizon. The light is fading rapidly now and this may not only lead to a bit of a gloomy mood in those melancholics among us (with Capricorn on the Asc you may be one) but it also triggers the broadcasting of a whole series of films in which evil is fought. This is logical if the light is going out, the need to see darkness defeated will then also grow. Films like The Lord of the Rings – a Christian parable based on the books written by the traditional Roman-Catholic J.R.R. Tolkien  – and the Harry Potters series, a more heathen variety of the same theme,  will be endlessly repeated on television these days.

The Harry Potter series, the books as well as the films, were hugely succesfull and the very young actors playing the main characters in the series were launched to world fame overnight.So it would be very interesting to take a look at their charts, unfortunately the chart data of the actor playing Harry Potter himself are not known. However, Emma Watson’s data are known, she played one of Harry’s closest friends in all the eight episodes. In her chart we can indeed see clear signs that she can expect a lot of success (click on the download button to see the chart) .

The Great Benefic Jupiter is placed in the tenth house of the job essentially strong in its exaltation and by antiscion (mirrored in the 0 ° Cancer- 0° Capricorn axis) it is right on the MC! This makes Jupiter much stronger, but how do we interpret the antiscion? Sometimes this may refer to something hidden although this clearly cannot be the case for a position on the MC. In a broader sense however, antiscia indicate something indirect or something strikingly unusual, and this is the case here of course. Jupiter is also Lord 4 of the family and its antiscial position is opposed by the Moon, Emma’s parents were divorced when she was still young and then she had to return to England from France where she was born.     

In the world

But how can it be seen that she will be successful as an actress and probably in this case even more important when this success will come? Without classical techniques, the in mundo aspects and the Firdaria, the rulers of the planet phases you will miss this. In mundo (“in the world”) aspects are made through the house positions and not like the normal  aspects, also called in caelo (“in the heavens”) by positions in the signs. This so very important strong Jupiter is placed eight degrees past the MC (which is cusp 10 of course) and the strong exalted Venus is placed eight degrees past cusp 6. This means they are in trine in mundo,  so strong Venus of the arts is directly connected to this very strong career-Jupiter. The artistic tendency is confirmed by the conjuntion of the strong Saturn in domicile, Lord 5 of creativity with the Part of Abundance (= Part of the Sun) on the star of fate Terebellum.   

Venus time!

Emma Watson is only ten years old when she is selected for the playing the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. Not totally unexpected for those who know their Firdaria!  In 2000 her Venus period started and this means Venus including its in mundo aspect with this strong career-Jupiter will very much come to the fore for the next eight years (the years of Venus).     

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