At the center of all the dramatic events in Israel is an old political fox, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been the country’s prime minister for a long time. Lately, however, he has faced great resistance from the population and also from the military because he was in the process of curtailing the powers of the Supreme Court. The Hamas attack distracted attention from these protests, but Netanyahu is still under fire because his government has also made Hamas great, in order to fuel division among the Palestinians.

South Node-Firdar

That he is having a hard time is clearly visible in the Firdaria, the rulers of lomg periods of years. Since the end of last year, the South Node has been the Firdar Lord and the South Node Firdar is always a difficult one. The South Node is symbolically the exit from life and forces  you to a painful sacrifice. In Netanyahu’s radix (20-11- 1949, 10:15 AM EET, Tel Aviv, Asc 22:58 Sagittarius, not pictured here) the South Node is conjunct the Moon  of the peeple in the tenth house of the job! This South Node firdar lasts two years in its entirety, so it will remain very difficult for him for another year.


A Firdar lord indicates by his dignity, house position and nature the background in a certain time, the progressions give more information on the scale of a year. A difficult Firdar Lord does not mean that it is a constant crisis during that period. But the direction of the Ascendant has been in opposition to radix-Saturn for the past year and is moving towards an opposition with the progressed Saturn. Of course, that’s not such a nice position, Satrunus is a malefic without dignity and therefore shows its least pleasant sides.

Ras Alhaque

The MC moves over Rasalhaque, the main star of Ophiuchus, who holds the dangerous snake in his hands and you have to be careful when you do so, the snake can also bite suddenly. The faster factors in the progressions show what is happening these months, the progressive Pars Solis is on Labrum, a star of fate that strikes and is in opposition by antiscion to the war planet Mars in progression which is in its destriemnt  and thus shows its most poisonous side.


The progressed Moon completes the picture, it has just entered Cancer by which the sign lord is activated, in the radix the Moon is Lord 8 of death. The Moon passes over Uranus, the painful castration of the sky god by the harsh reality of Saturn and makes an opposition to the solar part  in the radix, a kind of Full Moon. The Lunar Mansion he is moving through is Al Haqa, the mansion of the violent Hunter Orion!  

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