Three weeks ago just before the elections for the new  Dutch parliament, I wrote this about the profections of prime minister Mark Rutte:

“Rutte is 54 yars old so his Profection house this year is the seventh of opponents, very appropriate for an election year. His teflon mixture Venus (Lord 10 of the job) and Mercury (Lord 1 = Rutte)  is found here and Mercury is conjunct powerful Achernar, connected to stealing the solar chariot. Lord 7 is this strong exalted Jupiter on Procyon in the eleventh house and on cusp 7, not yet mentioned above, Deneb is found, a strong star in the Swan, very Venus-like , even more nice teflon. The elections are held a month after his birthday so the month profection comes to the eighth house, the second from the seventh (the house of this year), and its ruler is also this strong Jupiter, not bad!! Yet Saturn is on cusp 8, so maybe there wil be something disappointing in all these victories?”      

Indeed Rutte won the elections with his neo-liberal party quite impressively, but this disappointment has also come. Rutte denied to have had knowledge of some problem, but a few days later he turned out to have known about it. Most blatantly he said his memory did not work properly as he could not remember the event. That was quite enough for the other parties, they did not want to go on with a lying prime minster, although Rutte himself does not see this as a real problem. So it would be interesting to take a look at his progressions because he is really in trouble. Click on the link below to view his progressive positions.

And it is immediately clear because there is a progressed New Moon coming up, the Moon only has half a degree to go till the exact conjunction. A progressed New moon or Full Moon alwas indicates a turning point accompanied by considerable tensions. In case of a New Moon a whole cycle is closed and a new cycle begins and you can say this is happening now! It strikes the eye how precise the timing by the secondary progressed Moon is, it moves one degree a month and it is nearly on the Sun. So even without lunar returns you can come very close to the month that something will happen.

The conjunction of the progressed Part of Fortune and the progressed Part of the Sun (the “reversed Taurus” symbol), on the Ascendant has no special meaning as it happens automatically in case of a progressed New Moon. The other movements in the chart confirm the difficult phase Rutte is going through. Progressed Venus, Lord 10 of the job in his  natal chart is just entering the“Algol zone” from 25° Taurus to 10° Gemini, a transition through this zone will always cause considerable problems. To be precise Venus/ Lord 10 is now on Capulus, Perseus’ Hand  holding the sword that cuts off the head of Medusa.

Lord 10 is only just entering the crisis zone so this does not look too happy for the near future.  In his radix Mercury is placed in Pisces in its fall and detriment in Pisces in the seventh house and this casues Rutte’s “memory  problems”, the progressed Moon has just opposed Mercury’s antiscion. The MC’s primary dirction is conjuct Wasat, the Right Arm of Castor the mortal twin, a star with a rather malefic nature,  described by the Great Malefic Saturn only, Saturn has no dignity in Rutte’s radix, so this will work out even more unpleasantly fo him. The lunar masion the progressed Moon is moving through is Al Fargh Al Thani, associated with loss and exhaustion,  Mercury his “liar planet”, extremely weak in his chart, is one of the planets describing this mansion, so this mansion is extra risky for him. 

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