Our post last week provoked some Twitter reactions from scientific sceptics, who adopted the usual condescending attitude. The problem of such comments is that these critics hardly know what they are talking about. They don’t know what astrology really is, what it does and what is achieves. It is a good scientific principle that if you are going to say something about some topic, you will thoroughly investigate it first. None of these critics ever does so, they react on the basis of prejudice and inanity. The philosophical naïvité and lack of any reflection in the scientific world is harrowing.

Unfortunately, astrology will always be rejected, whatever it says, even if you show clearly that our celestial art indicates what a whole army of ‘’experts” apparently missed, the timing of Kabul’s fall. It was not only shown by the progressions in Afghanistan’s chart in which month the fall was to be expected, the lunar returns are also crystal-clear. So hiring a competent astrologer could pay off, it is much cheaper than all those professional policy-makers who endangers people’s lives. Click on the download button below to view the lunar return during which Kabul was taken by the Taliban, the city fell on 15 August.    

Again it shows you cannot leave out the fixed stars. If you know the Taliban will not be stopped any more on the long run and you see a lunar return coming up in which Labrum is on the Ascendant, you know enough. Labrum is one of the three stars of fate, the main star of the Cup that will not pass you by! Moreover, Labrum was very strongly activated by the progressions in August so the Cup of extremist Islamic poison will have to be drunk this month.


This is confirmed by the most important house rulers in the lunar return, Mercury, both Lord 1 of the country and Lord 10 of the government, is combust. This means a new Sun will out-shine the country, a Taliban-Sun. Saturn is in opposition with this out-shone Mercury, Saturn is the ruler of the eighth house of death turned from the tenth house of government, so the death of the government. At the moment Kabul falls, the transit -Moon opposes the radix-Moon, so even the day of the fall is reflected by the planets.

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