While the Ukrainian army started its counterattack to recapture the city of Cherson from the Russians and all eyes are on it, disaster is unfolding on the other side of the world. Due to persistent very heavy rains, a third of Pakistan is flooded. People and cattle are drowning, houses are being washed away, crops are being destroyed, the infrastructure is destroyed. It is not the first time that this country has suffered from flooding, it has lots of rivers coming from the Himalayas that feed the mighty Indus, around which Pakistan is situated. Floods are always a threat, especially in these modern times in which man so rudely an arrogantly disturbs the balance everywhere on earth with his technology.


Can astrology be useful in dealing with this type of disasters? Yes, because it is always better to know that a problem is coming, if you prepared you can act more effectively. Of course, that does not mean that a poor country like Pakistan could counter all the consequences of the flood, but if you already know six months in advance that an enormous flood  is coming, you can probably save more lives and possessions by good preparation. With the help of mundane astrology you can indeed see so far in advance that a disaster is coming and in the case of Pakistan we would of course pay special attention to everything  that astrologically has to do with Water.

The appropriate mundane chart to  check this is the Aries ingress, the “mundane solar return” for a country or a region. This chart is made for the exact moment that the Sun enters Aries again, on astrological New Year and is calculated for the capital of the country or sometimes the region you want to investigate. A capital is symbolically the whole country compressed into one location. Of course, the planet positions for every place on earth are the same, but the angles, the cusps and the parts are different everywhere.

In the Aries Ingress 2022 there are a few things that stand out, even without looking at the chart  specifically for a place. Such positions point to developments that will affect the whole world to a greater or lesser extent. Peace planet Venus is conjunct war planet Mars and the Moon is in the Moon house Al Simak with the theme “quarrel”, not good for peace. Economy planet Mercury is weak in detriment and fall in Pisces, the strong Jupiter conjuncting Mercury cannot compensate this 100 % because Jupiter is in negative reception with Mercury: hyperinflation and shortages.

Via Combusta

But the most striking position is the Moon that is in the Via Combusta, which is always very destabilizing. On top of that, the Moon is about to enter its fall which makes it all even more unstable. If we now look at the ingress for Pakistan, this problem- Moon is placed exactly on the Ascendant so the full blow of this position will be dealt out there. The Moon is the big Water planet and if the context is that the country is so sensitive to flooding then you know what is coming and you can take measures. One country in Europe that also sufferd a lot this summer, this summer is France with catastrophic forest fires and droughts. In the ingress for Paris, the MC is exactly on very evil Algol  and Lord 1 is that extremely weak Mercury. This disaster is of course of a different scale than that in Pakistan but you can see how a mundane horoscope can be calculated  for every place.

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