Now that the election fever in the US is gradually starting to rise, it is interesting to see how things stand in Donald Trump’s horoscope. Last week his Firdaria were analyzed and it was not only clear that the Firdaria are a simple but extremely effective prediction instrument, the Firdaria also look very goodfor Trump. That’s not to say he’ll definitely come back as president, but he does have good chances. To  look at this further, it is good to cast a glance at the profections

Twelve principle                                                                                                                                     

Profections are not a prediction method found somewhere in a book, they are based on the 12 principle.That number symbolically indicates a complete cycle because it is the multiplication of the number of the spirit (3) and the number of matter (4) and that is precies what creation is. Thus, a 12-rhythm describes all the possibilities that the connection of matter and spirit offers, which is why we have twelve signs and twelve houses.  It is therefore  logical to base a prognosis technique on that 12-rhythm and that is what we  call profections.  There are several variaties of profections by sign or by house, but what seems to work well ist take a (Placidus) house, for a year.

So the first year of life, if you are “zero years” old, is given by the the first house, by the nature of the house, the condition of the house ruler,  by any planets in the house and by the stars on the house cusp. This repeats every twelve years, but because the context changes and other factors in the chart are activated by progressions and solar returns this always has a different effect.

Norh Node

In 2016, when Trump became president with extremely favorable Firdaria and extremely favorable progressions, he was 70 years old and his profession had arrived in the eleventh house. The eleventh house, which thus gives a picture of the year, is a benefic house, the house of the fruits of your labor, very appropriate.  On the cusp of eleventh house the very strong Orion star Betelgueuze is found and Lord 11 is Mercury who is not only in the eleventh house, but also via antiscion on the North Node (success, expansion)  conjunct the Sun/Lord 1 (kingship) on the strong Capella (the Chariot). 

Saturn in detriment

In the eleventh house is also the Saturn-Venus conjunction in Cancer, which is less favorable, Venus is Lord 10 of the career but Saturnus is a malefic in detriment. However, there is ample compensation for this as we have seen. When he lost in 2020, the profession had arrived in the falling weaker third house that royal Spica  on its cups (he also got very far) but Lord 3 is Venus conjunct Saturn in detriment. Saturn is Lord 7 of the opponent on royal Pollux, which is favorable for his opponent, who thus effectively blocks his  career. Venus himself is on Procyon the agile, smart Little Dog who is very powerful but works against authorities, which is not so favorable for keeping a presidency.  

Smart Dog

And what will that look like in 2024, next year when Trump  will try  to come back? The profection will arrive that year in the opponent’s seventh house, very appropriate. But Lord 7 is of course thisSaturn in detriment on royal Pollux conjunct Venus  Lord 10, which is kpet in check by Saturn. A repetition of four years ago, but in a different way. So that doesn’t look too favorable. Procyon on which Venus /Lord 10 stands will have a positive effect in this context however, because he is now challenging the authority. However, that is not yet a decisive because you will always interpret profections in the context of what the other prognosis methods show.  We’ll look at that later.

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