Last week, the mundane radix of France was discussed, based on the French Revolution as the birth of the modern French state. Of course, we could also go back (much) further, and that would also be extremely interesting, but now we will base ourselves on the chart of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter that preceded the French Revolution as the radix. Last week, it was shown that this mundane radix reflects a number of important characteristics of France. However, the real test to check this type of horoscopes are the progressions and the returns. They should clearly show the most important developments.

And this is so, the progressions of the moment in the French horoscope show the  strong tensions in the country of the last month. Interpreting the progressions, three steps are taken. First, the slow progressions are examined, those of the Sun, het MC and the Ascendant (look at primary directions for the angles), all three of which move at a speed of about one degree per year and indicate the main line. Then look at the three rapid factors the Moon, the Pars Fortunae and the Pars Solis, all of which  have  a speed of one degree per month and thus show in detail what is happening now. Finally, look at everything that strikes the  eye.

Mars in detriment

And it’s an instant hit! For the ascendant is making an opposition via antiscion with the radix-Mars, the battle planet in detriment in the tenth house of power. To directly illustrate the combination with the rapid factors, the Pars Solis now makes a trine with the progressed Mars, showing that the martial energy will erupt in these months. So by combining the fast and slow factors, you can find the month that something happens. That Mars is in detriment and will therefore show its fiercest side, Mars is also Lord 4 of the opposition in the radix, this is “La Rue”, the street that can manifest very violently in France as it does now. It is the only way to effectively oppose te government.

New Moon

Another crucial position in the French radix (see last week) is the New Moon on the hard-hitting South scale that shows the president’s dominance over people and parliament.  At the moment  of a New Moon there is nothing to be seen of the light of the Moon, it is only the Sun that shines the Moon has no light and power.  The Sun in progression trines this so important New Moon in the French horoscope and thus activates the hard power struggle. The progressive Moon passes through the Lunar Mansion Al Jabbah, the Lion’s Head that is associated with power struggles. So yes, the progressions very clearly indicate the developments. The fact that the PF is soon going to make a conjunction with the strong radix-Venus and the Moon is applying to a sextile with Venus, indicates that there will be a chance to reach a compromise.

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