Last week we looked at the chart of the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and it turned out that the clear force on the Russian side was firmly inhibited by other factors. It was also clear that the Ukrainian army had a lot of  strength to fight back effectively, especially by the placement the significator of Ukraine on the battle star Antares, the fiercest fighter star in the heavens. That seems to reflect the situation on the battlefield, around Kiev the Russians are now being driven back, the capital has not fallen, the Russians did not realize this important goal. Kharkov in the east is under heavy fire from the Russians, as is Marioepol in the south, which has been razed to the ground.

1 day = 1 week

The question is how to use the horoscope of the beginning of the war to follow the course of the battle? One of the possibilities to get a picture of this is an appropriate progression key. Progressions are based on a principle, you convert a day in ordinary time, which you can also call ephemeride time, into another time unit. In the secondary progression, the key is 1 day = 1 year, in the tertiary directions 1 day = 1 month. In this case, the progression key that provides the most effective view of the events appears to be  1 day = 1 week.

That means that you start from the chart of the beginning of the war (see the post of last week), if you want to know what the situation is after a week, you calculate how the chart looks like a day after the start. The Moon is Ukraine in the initial horoscope and you can see that the first weeks will be very heavy. The Moon not only enters its detriment in Capricorn, but also the  disastrous twelfth house, indicating the Russian advance. But this changes when the Moon comes out of Capricorn and out of the twelfth house.

Now we are five weeks later, so the calculation date will then be March 1, and that gives the above chart . It is immediately clear that an important turning-point has been reached, the MC has come to the South Node, the Russians are being driven back from Kiev and announce that they will from now on mainly focus on the east.  This is confirmed by the Venus/Mars conjunction that has come to Terebellum, a star of fate. That could also refer to the massacre of civilians in Butcha during the Russian retreat, which is sending a wave of horror through the world. Looking ahead we see (calculation date 3 March) Mars going over Pluto in mid-April which can be nothing else than a very fierce battle reaching  a decisive point, could that be the fall of Marioepol? Then we see another turning point in mid-May (calculation date 6 March). Mars in the first house of the Russians leaves its exaltation and looses lots of fighting strength, while the MC changes the sign and the Moon (Lord 7 Ukraine) enters its exaltation in Taurus. This looks like a positive indication for Ukraine.

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