In recent weeks, the mundane charts that showed the massive earthquake of April 3 on Taiwan have been discussed. These were the Aries ingress chart and the charts of the eclipse and the lunation, which preceded the earthquake and gave a clear picture of the disaster. With the help of the lunation horososcope, the time could also be determined, on a scale of two weeks. Of course, as always when making predictions, the context is of great importance, Taiwan is an area where earthquakes occur so you look at that possibility in tense mundane horoscopes.

The day

So with the lunation horoscope the time could be determined within a period of two weeks, but of course it would be goo if you could alos find the day. For that, you could analyze the daily horoscopes, the horoscopes of the exact moment of sunrise that show what will happen that day. But the transits are also worth checking, and then of course those of the fast planets the Sun, Venus Mars and Mercury. After all, you search on the timescale ofd ays and then the slow-moving Jupiter and Saturn are not of much use. On the mundane level, the approach is therefore the same as in the interpretation of the personal natal chart.

Aardbeving Taiwan Transits


When searching the day, you look in a period of two weeks, the period given by the lunation horoscope. The lunation took place on March 25 and from there you go forward two weeks to the next lunation. The first planet to track would be Mercury, the planet of the earthquakes, and it will be on the star Al Pherg, a star of fate, around April 3, which is worrying of course. Around that date, the Sun also approaches a conjunction with the Nodal Axis, always indicating drastic events.


Mars doesn’t do much of interest, but Venus does. Venus is on Neptune associated with  earthquakes! So there are three transits indicating that something is going to happen in the days around April 3rd. The exact time is harder to find, but if you look on that day, at the time of the earthquake, you will see the Moon on Terebellum, a star of date  while the Ascendant is on the disastrous Algol. That is difficult to foresee, but it clearly reflects what is happening.  

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