The Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter(GC), taking place once every twenty years indicate what is going to happen in these twenty years. Charts however are always made for a certain time and for a certain place, so a GC chart will always say something about a region of the world. It can be so that the GC chart for some place is quite disastrous, but for another part of the world moderately innocent. There is no such thing as a chart of humanity or for the world, the reality is that we live in time but also in space (because of the body). As always astrology will mirror this metaphysical truth.

You can make this metaphysics very practical as the chart for the upcoming GC of December this year, calculated for the Chinese capital Beijing, has fiery combative Mars on the descendant, the point of dealing with others. This does not require any further explanation probably, but the red warrior planet is also conjunct Baten Kaitos, a malefic star in the Seamonster. The Seamonster is on its way to devour Princess Andromeda chained to a rocky island. It is not yet December but it is not too difficult to see how this will work out, prediction is partly also just extrapolation of ongoig developments. So this does not look good for Taiwan an island and still seen by the People’s Republic as a rebellious province.

The old flag of British Hong Kong

What happened in Hong Kong over the past few month can be seen as a prologue of what we may expect in the next few years. China took tighter control of Hong Kong by new legislation and it seems only a question time before the city, once a British colony, will loose its liberties and simply become part of the People’s Republic. But be honest, could we really expect Hong Kong to be left alone on the long run after the Brits had returned the city to China? And can we really expec tChina will not also want devour Taiwan/Andromeda, in the next few years by threats and/ or real war?

Hong Kong was returned to the People’s Republic of China on 1 July 1997 (midnight Asc 3.51 Aries), and the city would remain (semi-)autonomous and modererately free for some time. That this agreement was an illusion you can see right away in the radix of the city calculated for this time. Lord 1 (the city) is on the descendant so under disposition (power) of the the others, in this case China of course. Lord 1 on the descendant is also Mars indicating there will be a lot of conflict. The progressions based on this radix of autonomous Hong Kong after the English rule can be seen by pushing the download button below. 

One of the progressions immediately striking the eye is the Moon conjuncting the always so restrictive South Node, indicating the new legislation. The Sun the big symbol of imperial power is entering its domicile Leo, in this context this can be only be China ever more strongly manifesting itself in the city and coming “home”, in Chinese eyes Hong Kong is home.  In the city’s radix Venus is Lord 7, also China but now more as the opponernt and it is moving over super-royal Regulus, Lord 7 is taking control. Yes Venus is also entering it fall, because with a view to history the city it not simply home, and it is not simply part of China now. Not yet.

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