In three weeks the presidential eelctions will be held in the US under bizarre circumstances. Corona, “the Chinese virus”, is not exactly under control and it seems this is going to cost Donald Trump his re-election. In the polls his not too charismatic rival is doing much better, even in the “swing states”’ that can make the difference. If Biden wins his candidate for the vice-presidency will become very important. Biden is, just like Donald Trump, old and if he would die, Kamala Harris would be the first female US president, a woman who is also of a mixed Tamil-Jamaican descent. 

Her natal chart can be viewed by clicking on the download button above and what strikes the eye immediately is the North Node on the Ascendant. The North Node is a kind of super-Jupiter, often giving a lot of succes, this is the Head of the Dragon that looks at the world, the Dragon is the life energy. A very powerful point and this Ascendant/ North Node conjunction falls on the star Al Hecka the Bull’s  Southern Horn, a purely martial star which can be very sharp and combative. Harris is a jurist and has quite a reputation asa  tough crime-fighter.   


But that’s it. The rest of the chart does not look very powerful, so why this career? Jupiter Lord 10 of the job is placed in the weak twelfth house on Algol, Jupiter can be associated with the juridical system, but it is not strong. The twelfth house is the house of crime and Algol has to do with cutting off evil’s ugly head, which is appropriate. Jupiter is also part of a T-square with Saturn and Mars providing  a way out off the weakening twelfth house, but we see no power here. On the MC Fomalhout is placed, the Mouth of the Fish a bright star indeed but not a royal star that “leads to the throne”. 


This could be the lady next door! But this only shows that good astrology will always use all the relevant methods. Succes can be indicated by strong stars, a powerful angular placement, an essentially very strong planet ( a big talent) but also by riding the waves of the spirit of the times. So there are several ways to become successful, and to see whether someone will be able to ride these waves several techniques can be applied. One of them is the synastry with the chart of the eclips, preceding the birth calculated for the place of birth.    


If you look at that, it is clear. So clear and simple that we will not give the chart of this prenatal eclipse here. The angles of the natal chart and the angles of the eclipse chart are alsmost exactly the same, the difference is less than ten minutes of arc. This is only seldom seen, her individual energy expresses the spirit of the times perfectly and these waves carry her to a high function. A woman of Tamil-Jamaican descent as (vice)-president surely fits in with a time spirit of Me Too and Black Lifes Matter.

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