Over the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at the U.S. presidential elections, which won’t be held until November next year, but things are really heating up now. In both camps, the candidates are presenting themselves, but it still looks like the battle will once again be between Biden and Trump.  This week, Donald Trump has to report to the court in Miami because an indictment has been filed against him in connection with the classified documents he had in his house, which he refused to give back.


We will assume that he will participate in the elections next year, his progressions are strong at the moment. Based on an interpretation of the Biden and Trump lunar returns, in force during the next year’s elections, it could be concluded that Biden will win. Lunar returns  are an excellent astrological tools for making a prediction about this kind of elections. If the outcome is uncertain however, you can apply another trick and that is the interpretation of the lunar return in force after the month after the election.

That is the “post” lunar, and it shows the effect of what has happened under the previous lunar return. If you are elected president of the US, that will also be visible in the lunar return after the elections, as that is not just something. Trump’s post-lunar seems to confirm what has already emerged from our pervious investigations, he’s not going to win. What you can expect in a post-lunar of a succesfull candidate is a high position from whic you can shout victory, but the post-lunar rather shows the opposite.

Death Star

Because the first thing that strikes you in this post-lunar is the Sun that is on the IC! The Sun is not only Lord 1 in Trump’s radix, it is also the general significator  of the presidency and power. Of course, you don’t want to see it at the lowest point of the horoscope, but opposite to it. This is an image of falling.  The Sun is also on Antares, the death star that signals the end of a cycle. Of course, that’s not what you want to see. Yes, it is true that the royal success star Aldebaran is also on the MC then, but Antares is much more strongly emphasized by the conjunction with the Sun.

Solar Chariot

Lord 1 in the post-lunar is Mercury which is placeds a little further in the low fourth house and is in opposition with Jupiter / Lord 7 of opponents. That indicates the battle of course, but Jupiter / Lord 7 is dominant here,it is in the tenth house of the job that Trump wants on the strong Orion star Rigel.  Lord 7 (Biden) is much stronger than Lord 1 (Trump). Finally, there is the striking limiting Saturn, Lord  6 of adversity, which falls in opposition to the Ascendant (Trump) conjunct the Pars Solis, the essence of the energy of the Sun / ruler. The Solar Part sfalls on the star Achernar thate has to do with a failed attempt to steal the Solar Chariot.               

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