After more than a month of war in Ukraine, it is clear that Russia has underestimated the difficulties in this invasion: they are suffering great losses, morale is low, logistics are faltering and the Ukrainian army is defending the country fiercely and effectively, they are now counterattacking on several fronts.  Yesterday it was announced in the Kremlin that the strategy from now on would be directed towards the Donbas, the eastern part of the country. Instead of military strength, Russia has so far mainly shown weakness, is Ukraine becoming a kind of second Afghanistan, where the Russian army once lost their war with the Afghan Mudjahideen?

What does the horoscope of the beginning of the war show? In order to be able to interpret it, the best perspective is  to imagine that you are the astrologer of the Russians choosing an optimal time to start the war. Click on the download link above to see the chart of the beginning of the war.  Kiev has been taken as its place, although military actions probably started in several places at the same time, Kiev is the capital of the battlefield. The big question, of course, is whether this looks favorable for Russia?

Russia started the war and so it is reasonable to assign the first house to the Russians and the seventh house to Ukraine. That means that Lord 1 Saturn symbolizes Russia, Saturn is essentially very strong in its own sign and at first glance that seems very positive.  But for an invasion, a naturally slow planet in its own house and its own sign – a fixed sign moreover – is  not the optimal position, do we see here the stagnation of the Russian attack?  You do indeed want to see strength through dignity if you were to make an election, but that must be appropriate strength! It is still a bit far away but Saturn will also go retrograde (at 25° Aquarius), not good for the Russians either.


Better for Russia, is the fighting planet Mars is strong in its exaltaion in the first house, but it does conjuct Venus. That is not good for the fighting power, Venus symbolizes the counterforce of Mars which stops it.  It is not a good idea to start a battle under such a conjuction.  The conjunction falls on the star Nashira, in the Tail of Capricorn which is Pan changing shape running away from death.  So the two planets which seemed to be strong for Russia have considerable downsides, but how does it look for Ukraine ? Lord 7 is the Moon which has no essential dignity, but it is accidentally strong at the cusp of the eleventh house.

The Moon also falls on Antares, the mighty royal Scorpion’s  heart, the most martial star in the heavns . Scorpio is the beast that stabs the overconfident Hunter Orion to death and that is extremely favourable for Ukraine in this situation! If you interpret a star, you have to  grasp the accompanying mythical story in context to assign the roles in the myhical story . And it will be clear that Russia here is Orion.  Next week we will see how the course of the battle can be followed with a progression technique appropriate to this chart.

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