The war in Ukraine has been going on for four months now and both sides suffer serious losses every day. In the south there is not too much movement, maar in the eastern Donbas all the more so. After very heavy  fighting, the Russians were able to capture the important city of Severodenetsk and the second city of the country Kharkov holds its breath. The Russians had been driven away from Kharkov, but have continued bombing the city  and it is well possibe that they will soon start an offensive.  All in all, you can say that the Russian army is slowly but surely moving forward, but at the cost of extensive losses. They have, at least for the time being, more material and men and therefore have a certain predominance.

What can be seen of these developments in the chart of Russia? As the radix of Russia we take the chart of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter of June 27, 1444, 6:01:05 LMT (Asc at 21.12 Leo, the then position of Regulus!). This mundane radix was discussed on this blog a while ago. In the progressions, the persistent large tension is immediately noticeable. The beginning of the war is marked by a progressive Full Moon that was full in February, when the Moon also changed sign from Leo to Virgo (over the current position of Regulus).


A progressive Full Moon automatically means that the conjunction of the Pars Fortunae and the Pars Solis falls on the descendant, so that has no special meaning. What does have meaning, is that both parts  have also conjuncted Saturn and Pluto in recent months. Pluto is not  fine, that  will be obvious, Saturn is Lord 7 of the others (and so war in this context) in the radix and the Great Malefic is in its detriment (you can count this  because the fast-moving parts have moved over it).

These conjunctions of the parts with Pluto in its radix position, its progressive position and with Saturn in detriment describe the acute crisis situation since February very well. These conjunctions are now over and that is not so bad of course, although it will take the Part of Fortune another month to  leave behind the square with the progressive Mars in detriment. But the  question is whether it will indeed quiet down a little after that, what will happen if we move the most important progressions even further forward?


The Part of Fortune will enter Leo in three months and thus activate the Sun in the radix and that Sun is Lord 1 placed in the twelfth house on miserable Praesepe (accumulation of corpses the Chinese say), that does not sound too good. But what is most worrying in the progressions is the movement of the Ascendant hat is going to make three more oppositions with Saturn, radix-Pluto and the progression of Pluto! That is only over in 2025. So the background tension will continue for a long time but it seems unlikely that until 2025 it will be as intensive as the past few months because the parts will leave their most difficult positions behind in the not too distant future.

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