Donald Trump is still putting up fierce resistance, but it seems very unlikely that he will not have to leave the White House. The accusations of fraud and the legal procedures initiated by team Trump seem to serve another goal, mobilising supporters. When Trump will be ex-president, we will still hear from him and a group of loyal supporters who think they have been deceived would give him a firm basis to exert influence within and outside his party.

Maybe however, now that the Great Conjunctions (“GC’s) move into the Air signs definitively, the political seed-bed for Trump’s populism will slowly be exhausted. For it feeds on the resistance to the changes that the dawning Air times bring: globalisation, massive migration, the disappearance of the fossile industry, the end of indepedent nations and the shifting of the power centre to the East. The past twenty years have been tense and critical years of transition, the GC of 2000 fell in an Earth sign for the last time, in December this is really over.

The Curse

Maybe Trump should be glad, as in this way he will escape Tecumseh’s Curse. This allegedly was a curse spoken by a leader of the Indians Tecumseh (around 1812) that every president elected in a year that could be roundly divided by twenty would die in office. And this was what happened, until Ronald Reagan (1980) at least. Regan narrowly survived a murder attempt, as did G.W. Bush (2000), moreover Bush had to deal with  9/11. This suggests that astrology could partly explain the phenomenon, beause twenty years is the cycle of the GC’s and a new GC, always in a year which can be divided by twenty, will bring great changes.     

So a president elected in such a year will have to deal with the political tensions caused by these changes. This could partly explain death by murder but not by illness. So it remains a bit mysterious, what is certain is that Joe Biden has been elected in a time of high political tensions and in a year on which Tecumseh’s Curse rests, although Reagan (1980) and Bush (2000) survived the curse. So does Biden, who is quite old, run a risk? The chart of his inauguration, the birth of his presidency, in January may shed some more light on this (click on the download button below).


The day, place and time of the inaugurations are always the same, only the years are different, so these charts look a lot like each other. To spot the specific charateristics of a presidency, only those factors should be delineated not automatically in a position because of the fixed date, time and place.  This immediately looks very worrying as Pluto is right on the MC and this is not something you would like to see at all! The MC also falls on Terebellum, a star of fate, but this does not count as  this is always so.

Venus, very important als Lord 1 is by antsicion (position mirrrored in the Cancer/Capricon axis) on cusp 8 of death and  it is placed on Wega in the Falling Grype, hmmm. Saturn also very important as Lord 10  conjuncts Jupiter Lord 8 of Death in the tenth house. Saturn squares violent Mars in Taurus in deteriment, on the violent Ram’s Horn Hamal on castrating Uranus in the hidden twelfth house. Not nice at all. So would Tecumseh’s Curse strike again?     

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