The transition of the Great Conjunctions from Earth to Air signs in 1980-2020 have caused many political changes. As could be expected in this time of transition, the establishment was confronted with strong opposing forces, in some way promoting radical solutions. Often these were forces resisting the movement to the Air element (globalization, migration, loss of national identity, Air mixes everything) trying to keep the old Earth world alive. That is the astrological explanation of the rise of the radical right in many countries

However, it is not only the radical right rising, in Italy it is also the Five Stars Movement or “M5S”, expressing the energy of change to Air times in political form. M5S is an anti-establishment party, a “big tent”, not clearly left- or right-wing in which diverse points of view are brought together. It has become the largest party of Italy, the remarkable chart of its founder, comic and influential blogger Beppe Grillo can be seen by clicking on the link below.

His lunar mansion is Al Balda, the “District” and the second mansion of the Sagittarius constellation. In Al Balda the central theme is division, shown by the animal and the human part of the Centaur (a district has to do with dividing a city). Al Balda is also called the head of Janus, the god with the two faces looking in opposite directions, marking a moment of transition. The planet energies describing the mansion are the Moon and Mars, both in bad state in Grillo’s chart, so the division theme will come in a rather explosive way. Again it is amazing how clearly the lunar mansion shows the central theme inthe life.

Venus in the first house indicates he is a comic, the connection with politics is given by the opposition of the antiscion of Mercury / Lord 1 with “ideas planet” Jupiter, strong in Sagittarius in the seventh house (in angular houses, so it will come out forcefully). Jupiter is retrograde moving against the mainstream, the opposition literally points at opposition, M5S is very much an attack on the corrupt establishment in Italy. The planet part of Jupiter is on Mercury’s antiscion, emphasizing the political theme very much, a planet part is an expression of the pure energy of a planet.

Bull’s Eye

The royal, purely martial and powerful Aldebaran, the intensely red Eye of the Bull on the Ascendant can attack fiercely an marks an new beginning. On the IC in opposition with the government on the MC we have overwhelming Pluto conjunct the Mars part, the essence of the warrior energy. A bit further Saturn Lord 10 is found, fallen down from the house of the authorities to the low fourth house. Everywhere in the chart we see opposition, also in the fact that Grillo was born at Full Moon, the tense opposition of royal Sun and the people’s Moon! The Firdaria, the rulers of longer life phases are again surprisingly clear, when M5S became the biggest party in Italy in 2018 the expansive North Node Firdar had just started.

This analysis shows that you cannot do good, effective astrology without using these methods: dignities (with receptions), fixed stars, planet parts, lunar mansions and the traditional house meanings. Without them you will miss too much.                     

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