Last week we took a look at the current progressions in the US chart (the Great Conjunction chart of 18 March 1762, 11:33:32 LMT, Asc 8.59 Cancer). It was impressive to see how only one progression of the Sun over a very powerful fixed star, over Antares could describe the situation  so clearly. Anatres, the Scorpion’s Heart was known to the ancient Chinese as the Big Fire Star Hsin Su Erh, which needs no explanation, the US were  literally burning. Such a progression is an example of effective astrology, of how it should be, clear and sober without any complicated technical detail or embellishments, it is there for everybody to see that there will be trouble.

In the past astrologers were always court astrologers, serving kings, dukes, bishops and popes, yes even the the church of the Middle Ages , after some doubts and discussion, finally accepted astrology. St Thomas of Aquine, the most venerated  teacher of the Western church and an alchemist, talks about the celestial art in a positive way and it is clear that he has at least some basic hands-on astrological knowledge. Astrology is the Queen of the Sciences and it could still be very useful for governments in these days. With a knowledge of the rhythm of the Great Conjunctions, this crisis would not have come as a total surprise.

You can even do more than only predict, you can also indicate what to do on the basis of the fixed stars. With the Sun  going over Anatres for example, the end of the cycle has come and it would be better to let go of the old situation, the Scorpion has to change into an Eagle. He has to sore up far above that which he is still too much attached to. This process is easier to manage if it happens out of free will, otherwise it will be more painful as can be seen now in the US. It is mainly the fixed stars that show where the freedom lies to act, what the optimal action would be and this still could be of immense value for a king. With some business clients you can work in this way, which is very satisfying.

Take a look at the lunar return above made on the basis of the US natal GC chart under which George Floyd was killed by the police. Now a court astrologer would have been among the people getting all the information, he would always have worked with the full kowledge of the context, an optimal condition for astrology. If you would have seen the above lunar return in this context you would have known, there is big trouble right ahead.  Right on the Ascendant is Saturn, natal Lord 8 of death in the US radix on aspiring Altair, main star in the Eagle of a Mars / Jupiter nature an indication that the dark Scorpion ruled by its desires should now become the generous Eagle soring high above its darker instincts.      

Agena, first magnitude star in the Centaur is on the MC which can be associated with things getting out of hand very quickly because of an underestimation of danger. Mercury is in the Pleiads the Weeping Sisters in a strong angular house. It is also Lord 8 of Death in the return chart and through antiscion (planet position mirrored in the 0° Cancer- 0°Capricorn axis) Lord 8 is on the Descendant opposing  natal Lord on the Ascendant. So Lord 8 is repeated over the main axis, the crisis will climax this month.

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