The Wall and the fall

Last Friday it was thirty years ago that the existence of the most famous wall ever, the Berlin Wall ended. The story does not have to be retold, the people in the workers ’s paradise of East-Germany were running from the red terror in multitudes and the Wall was used to lock them in. The Wall was the Berlin part of the Iron Curtain put up for the same reason, no sane man who could choose freely  would want to stay in counties where the poisonous marxist Illusions were wreaking havoc. The red prison remained closed till 9 November 1989, when a new phase in European history started.

The time the building of the Wall started is known, in the early hours of the night of 13 August 1961 the East-German People’s Police began to close off important points on the demarcation line between East and West Berlin with barbed wire. Of course, this did not mean that we had a complete hermetically closed Wall overnight but the moment can be seen as the moment the Wall was born. This gives us the chart above which is quite spectacular, click on the download button to be able to see it. What immediately catches your eye is Saturn the planet of closing –off which is, most appropriately on the descendant, the angle indicating the others. The Great Malefic is retrograde and indeed it is all about pushing people back.


Saturn is essentially very strong in its own sign, the Wall is very effective and it is placed on Terebellum, a star of fateful events! Nearby is Jupiter, also very appropiately very close to the sign boundary, but it is retrograde too, so unable to get into the next sign. Jupiter is the planet of freedom but it does not get out off the sign of Capricorn it is placed in, Saturn (the Wall) is Jupiter’s dispositor, so the Wall controls it. In Capricorn Jupiter does not feel fine at all, it is in its fall, a good description of the citizens of the oppressive workers’ paradise, longing so much for freedom.

Empty Cup

Also striking is the other malefic Mars on the IC, so in mundane square (“in mundo” aspect) with Saturn, mundane aspects are made by equal distance from house cusps (in mundo is “in the world”  and houses show exactly that: what happens concretely, in the world).  Mars is right on the IC and Saturn on the descendant, four houses away so they are in mundane square. This shows the deadly violence happening around the Wall, Mars is also on another star of fate, Labrum the main star of the Cup which was not filled by the Crow at the divine well because there was a snake blocking the way! On the Ascendant Procyon is found, the bright main star of the smart and fierce Little Dog, guardian of princess Europa. Quite a spectacular chart indeed, but this is something we could of course expect for such a notorious and mythical thing like the Wall.

Fishes reunited

And yes even in the progressions (not shown here)  this chart works very well, in november 1989, when the Wall fell, we just had a progressed New Moon, always a sign of a totally new start, often after a crisis. The MC is moving over, yes another star of fate, Al Pherg part of the Pisces constellation. But it is especially the exact place of Al Pherg in the constellation that will send the shivers down your spine, it is on the famous cord connecting the two Fishes! You can’t beat that. Any astrologer who is not made speechless by this for at least five minutes, is urgently advised to choose another profession.      

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