On 3 November this year the presidential elections will be held in the US and it has become clear by now who the contenders will be. There is no doubt that Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate and if the Corona virus does not get him before November, after all he belongs to the age group most in danger, he will be the man to beat. There are only two men left who may become Trump’s challenger, “socialist” Bernie Sanders and moderate Joe Biden, who was vice president under Barack Obama. Regular readers of this blog will remember hat Donald Tump will not be re-elected (his chart is too negative) and this makes the other two aged gentlemen all the more interesting. Either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders will be the next president of the United States. 

There are many ways to predict if someone is going to get a job, but in case of an election with a fixed date and finally only two contenders, the lunar return is a very good choice. The winner’s lunar return covering the election should be nice, it is some achievement to get the most influential poltical job in the world. Whatever the other astrological prediction methods show , you are not going to win this battle under a bad lunar return. You can approach this question in this way because the situation is simple with a fixed date for the end result and only two contenders.

The election return

Let us suppose Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic candidate who should beat Donald Trump. In that case his lunar return under which the elections are held should give us some powerful positions. Biden’s birth data are classified as A in the Rodden rating, indicating a high reliability.

What strikes the eye imediately is the fact the Asc/Des axis is reversed compared to the natal chart. This says something like: the other person will take your place, not a sign of great success. On the Ascendant we find Prima Hyadum , the main star of the Hyads the half-sisters of the weeping Pleiads, strongly connected to disappointments, not exactly what you would like to see.

And the profections?

Another method which can be sharp and very satisfying in its simplicity are the profections. From birth you will move a house further every year, the condition of that house including stars, planets in the house and the house ruler will give a general description of the year. Biden will  be 77 years old when the elections are held and this brings the annual profection to the malefic sixth house. The ruler of the sixth house is Venus which is extremly weak in his natal chart in the twelfth house in its detriment and combust! That does not look nice at all. The month profection  brings us to the fifth house which contains a positive Moon in its exaltation but its ruler Mars / Lord 5  is on the merciless South Scale on the 12th house cusp. Not very bad, but not convincing either.

The conclusion seems to be clear. As Trump will not be re-elected (he has the painfully limiting South Node conjuncting the Moon on his asc in his  election lunar return), his opponent will win. So this automatically means Biden will not be the Democratic candidate and this makes an analysis of what is going on in Sander’s chart even more interesting.

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