It  was already remarkable that comedian Volodymyr Zelensky became the president of Ukraine in 2019, even more remarkable is his current role as war president, which he seems to have taken on so effortlessly. We will not look at his radix in detail now, we will focus on the progressions, but one radix position cannot go unmentioned, Lord 10 of the career. Lord 10 is Saturn placed on Regulus, the star that gives you the throne. When Zelensky was elected president in 2019, his Firdar (long-term life phase determined by a planet)  of this Saturn on Regulus had just  begun!

Malefic throne

This Lord 1of the career will therefore come out very strongly as from 2019, but this will not only be pleasant. Saturn does give you the royal power of Regulus, but that it will not be easy is shown by the fact that the Great Malefic Saturnus is in detriment in Leo. A very high position yes but the conditions are extremely tough. This is further enhanced by the fact that this royal Saturn is in the fourth house, the house opposite the house of power. It sketches the picture of a king who cannot quite sit on his throne, but has been driven away from the highest place and of course that is how it is.

If we make the focus of the prediction techniques less broad than that of the Firdaria, it would be interesting to see what the progressions show at the moment that Zelensky becomes the war president, the role of his life we could be say. Then it is very clearly indicated that there is a very important turning-point coming up.The primary MC is moving over the progressed nodal axis and in February when the Russians attacked, the Moon was conjunct the South node on the MC. The South Node can be associated with difficult situations in which you are forced to make a sacrifice.

Out of detriment

Mercury is his radix Lord 1, therefore extra important and Mercury is just crossing the sign boundary Pisces-Aries and thus coming out of its detriment and fall.The Russian invasion was of course not pleasant for Zelensky, but it did give him a very strong role. That the emergence of Lord 1 / Mercury from its weakness in Pisces would not only be positive, is shown by the conjunction of progressed Mercury with progressed Venus to which Mercury in Aries is on its way. This is a Venus in detriment, so destroyed peace.

The progressive planetary points the Pars Fortunae (Moon pars) and the Pars Solis (Solar pars)  confirm these for Zelensky so dramatic developments. The PF, the Lunar Part conjuncts the radix-Moon, a kind of lunar return. The PS moves through antiscion over the progressed Asc, the Solar essence, because that is what the Solar Part is, comes to him. If we boldly go a step further and calculate the progressed planetary Part of Mars, the essence of the fiery battle planet, we see that at the month that the war starts, the Mars Part is moving over Saturn / Lord 10 which we discussed above!

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