On Monday, Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida, who was world famous in the 50s and 60s, died at the age of 95. La Lollo, as she was called, was born in a small mountain village as the daughter of a furniture maker, but she ended up playing with the big names in Hollywood. She was the ultimate Italian sex symbol and she was called ” the beautiful woman in the world”. Her third place at the Miss Italia contest in 1947 marked the beginning of her career as an actress. 

An astrologer does not have to think about this for so long, we can expect some Venus energy in her radix. We are not disappointed, but in a way that shows the great importance of a somewhat neglected technique about which I gave a workshop just last Saturday, that of the seven planet parts. Every planet has an “Arabic” part that indicates the pure essence of the planetary energy. If that part makes a conjunction or opposition with a radix factor with a two-degree orb, that pure planetary energy will manifest itself very clearly in a life simply because it is the essence of the energy.


The fascinating thing about the planet parts is that they have a very powerful effect but they are also very individual. The calculation of the planet parts depends on the Ascendant and it moves  quickly, so they are very individual, with their small orb they show sharply what distinguishes a soul born on earth from the others. In the radix of Gina Lollobrigida the part of Venus is on the MC!! So yes a planet part can make all the difference, because the girl who was born four minutes later in the neighbouring house does not have the Venus part in that place anymore! It ws only meant for Gina.


Such a part is just that electrifying extra energy surge that lifts you above the rest, La Lollo was the Venus essence. Of course, it will work in the context of the rest of the chart and there too we see Venus power, the planet is in the last part of the Leo conjunct the mighty king star Regulus who “leads you to the throne”. With dignities, the Lunar Mansion and the antiscia, the stars and the planet parts are among the indispensable techniques. This royal Venus is also conjunct Neptunus, which connects the female planet with the great power of the god of the oceans. The oceans and salt water are symbolically the desires that Poseidon will unleash on man…

The more planetary parts actively manifest in life via opposition or conjunction with a radix factor, the more special the life will be. For example, La Lollo has the Part of the Sun, also called the Part of Abundance, via antiscion in conjunction with the Moon, the other female planet. The Part of Courage, the planetary point of Mars and the Mars essence falls on the Ascendant on combative Rigel, a combination that gives a good dosage of an active zest for life. The Sun on Sirius, the main star of the Big  Dog and one of the brightest stars in the firmament -which she was – completes the picture of decisiveness and success.

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