Last week we discussed the chart of the coronation of the late Queen Elisabeth who sat on the throne for so long, only the Thai King Bhumibol ruled for a longer time. The coronation chart of Elisabeth showed a lot of power, especially by Lord 1 who is placed in his own sign and has the disposition over three other planets besides himself. Disposition is power and so Elisabeth was firmly in control, she has power over more than half of the horoscope, that is, of her environment, her world, because that is what a chart shows. It does not give a map  of the psyche, but an objective overview of the energies working in a situation.


This strong Lord 1 in the coronation chart is also accidentally strong in the tenth house on Capella, a powerful, combative star of the first magnitude. Also in the tenth house we find the Sun of kingship, on royal Aldebaran, the whole horoscope is a paragon of power. But you can also apply all the prediction techniques you use in any correct horoscope of a beginning like this and in this post we look specifically at the progressions in the coronation horoscope in 1992, a year that the Queen herself described in November of that year as an “annus horribilis”.

It immediately strikes the eye that in that year the direction of the Ascendant conjuncts the evil star Vindemiatrix,  the Sorcerer’s Apprentice who is associated with things that are getting out of hand uncontrollably, more and more:  Annus Horribilis. The second thing that stands out is the secondary progression of the Moon, which has made a conjunction with the Sun in 1992. So that is a progressive New Moon, always a moment of great change and often of crisis! Certainly here, for this progressive NM falls on the malefic Mars  of quarrels and separationmin its fall which therefore shows its worst side, and on Uranus, associated with  the story of the highest celestial god castrated by Saturn, a rather painful affair!

Profection 4

By antiscion, this position also conjuncts the Sun in the coronation horoscope, which reinforces its effect, because it is all about kingship (Sun) and the relationship with the people (the Moon). The fact that the New Moon falls on Castor isn’t exactly positive either. Castor is one of the Twins who are very close, but Castor is the brother who dies in battle and that way the brothers become separated! The profections also work well enough, you take a house for each year and the nature and condition of the house shows in general terms how that year will be. In  the Annus Horribilis the profection has  landed in the fourth house of the family / dynasty. Lord 4 is Jupiter in detriment in the coronation chart on the MC in the difficult disappointing Hyades! Jupiter is by far the most harmful planet in the chart, horribilis, we could say.

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