Last week we wrote about the fall of Prince Andrew on this blog and as in many cases his dubious sexual activities led to this deep fall. Another comparable case, not directly connected to Prince Andrew is the American film producer Harvey Weinstein. In his case the accusations made were more serious and the court procedure against him is still going on. There are some doubts about his exact time of birth and that is why we start this post with a picture, Mr Weinstein may have a lot of qualities but he will probably not win a Mr America contets

However, this picture does give us certainty about the time of birth because there is obviously something wrong with his eyes. In his chart (to be downloaded below) the Moon, one of the Luminaries is in very narrow sextile with the ascending degree and it is in its fall in Capricorn. A planet aspecting the degree of the ascendant within two degree of orb will have a clear influence on the appearance and the Moon as one of the Luminaries refers in astrological anatomy to the eyes. The Moon is in its fall so there something wrong with it, in this spectacular way we can check a doubtful time of birth without having to resort to other always quite dubious methods of correction.

Another thing that strikes the eye is the very strong Mars in its own sign in the first house and ruler of the first house. This shows that Mars determines his behaviour very strongly and that his main concern is Harvey Weinstein as the ruler of the first house (Weinstein himself) in its own sign is controlled by the ruler of the first house (Weinstein himself). This does not look too nice but the stars invloved make this all a bit scary as the Ascendant is placed on the merciless South Scale, a very powerful royal star and Mars/Lord 1 itself on the North Scale, which is milder but still part of the Scales. The Scales are the Claws of the Scorpion, which need no further explanation, the Scorpion is the cosmic killer, he will not let go of what he has caught in his Claws.

Alpha man

The fact that Mars has a lot of essential dignity in Scorpio does not make this much milder, strong essential dignity does not make someone a good person, it only shows that the planet energy functions effectively, so in a more “technical” sense. With a view to this Mars and Ascendant positions it is not too strange that Weinstein is generally described as a bully and and a sexual predator, of course Mars is also the general significator of sexuality. On the MC the importance of martial energy is repeated, the planetary part of Mars in on the MC, planet parts among other things show an obsessive focus.  Near the Mars Part, we also see the Moon Part or the of Fortune which shows our deepest desire, disposed by the Sun and in the tenth house, he wants be alpha man. The PoF is also on Alphard, the main star of the Hydra constellation, Hydra is connected to the very essence of the desire nature.

Crisis Zone

This is all quite explosive! If Weinstein would have had a good astrologer, he would have known that his fall was coming. Someone who has done so much wrong will have a difficult time when the Algol zone of crisis ( 26 ° Taurus to 10 ° Gemini) is activated. The problems started for him late 2017 at the moment that progressed Venus the general significator of women and Lord 7 of other people in his chart, had arrived on very malefic Algol, while the progressed Sun was moving through the same crisis zone. The Moon has just left the Algol zone but had been in it for the main part of the year. If you see this, you know the time has come that accounts will be settled.

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