Your astrologer was on holiday in Slovenia this summer, and that was very nice. Just after departure and return to the Netherlands, however, violent flooding erupted in Slovenia, we had gone just in time! It wasn’t just bad weather, it was the worst flooding in decades. The question is whether you can see any of this astrologically and how? Which charts do you use and is it clear to see that very bad weather is coming? Maybe sometimes it’s useful to able to see this.


There are several possibilities to view this, you could check the chart of Slovenia,  the progressions of the fast factors and the lunar returns for July and August. What is also possible is the interpretation of the relevant ingress charts, the charts of the exact moment when the Sun enters a new sign. This could be Aries andfthen you have a chart  for the year, but also, for example, Cancer and then you have a chart for the summer.

That is the chart we are now looking at,  the summer ingress calculated for the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, a capital is the symbolic point in which the whole country is concentrated. It is important to pay attention to alarming factors that really stand out, too detailed an analysis, as usual, makes no sense because in it the distinction between important and unimportant is lost. 

Lucida Lancis

The first thing you notice is the South Scale, which is on the Ascendant,  a very powerful royal star, also called the Scorpion’s Claw, which shows its evil nature. Not every little star on the Ascendant is alamering, but the royal South Scale is. Furthermore, Mars Lord 1 – Slovenia in the summer of 2023 – falls on the descendant by antiscion. The country is opposing itself, it is being torn to pieces, as it were. Venus also falls by antiscion on the descendant, where the planet acts as the adversary of the country. Venus is Lord 12, lord of the most evil house in the chart. 

Cardinal Water    These three factors are powerful and striking. It is also worth remembering that all three are directly connected to the Ascendant/Descenant axis, which is very specific to Slovenia. The exact location of that axis shifts quickly as you make the chart for other locations. Because the Sun is automatically always at 0 ° Cancer in a summer ingress, the position of the other Luminary the Moon is extra important. The Moon is on Praesepe, the Heart of Cancer, an evil star cluster of destructive fragmenation and Cancer in the zodiac is also the sign of the Water in the fast flowing cardinal mode. This together with the other factors is enough to set off an alarm bell. 

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