In the past two posts, we have looked at last year’s ingress chart (in Kiev in connection with the start of the war in Ukraine) and this year’s (in Ankara, in connection with the disastrous earthquake in Turkey). Soon the Sun will enter Aries again and we will have a new ingress, so it is interesting to look at this new ingress, it will give an indication of what may be expected this year. An ingress has a general part, the planetary positions in the signs and the aspects, which are the same all over the world, and a specific part, the houses. The houses show how the planetary positions work out specifically in the place  for which you make the ingress.

We are making the ingress chart of 2023 for Kiev, at the moment Ukraine plays a central role in world affairs, although the ingress for Beijing would also be worthwhile in view of the tensions around Taiwan. To highlight the specificity of an ingress, the interpretation of the 2023 ingress for Kiev will be compared to that for Moscow, the MC shifts rapidly if we move north or south, the Asc/Desc axis stays in the same place longer. It is, of course, mainly the angles that can show differences between places and the planetary parts as the energy essences of the planets are also very specific.


In the Aries ingress chart 2023 calculated for Kiev, Scorpio is on the Ascendant and so Mars, Lord 1 is the country this year. Mars is on the cusp of the eighth house of death and that indicates the war, which will continue. In the ingress for Moscow, Mars is also Lord 1 but the fighting planet is placed via antiscion on cusp 8, indicating that this does not happen in their own country, an antiscion always shows something indirect. Mars is on Betelgeuse, one of the main stars of the violent Hunter Orion, who is in danger of  being killed by the Scorpion. That needs no explanation, it is a description of the situation.


What is also striking is the Moon almost exactly on the IC, which is of course only the case in the ingress for Kiev, not in that for Moscow. In general, we can see the Moon as the people who end up in the lowest place of the chart, which can be seen as an image of their being cornered. On that point, too, there will be no change, adding that Lord 7 of the opponent is conjunct the North Node which will make it stronger. The planet parts give specific additional information and by antscion the Part of Mars conjuncts the Descendant, again an indication of battle. All in all, this ingress seems to show that the war will continue this year.  

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