Brexit has not done the UK a lof of good. Not only is the country facing its economical consequences, on top of Corona, also the Scots seem to be getting very serious about independence. And in the Irish part of the now still United Kingdom tensions are on the rise because of the  administrative “customs border” in the Irish Sea. Northren Ireland is not a completely normal integral part of the UK any more and the “’Unionists’’ do not like this. These protestant Unionits want to stay in the UK at whatever cost and they have responded with violence to this development.

This has triggred fears that Northren Ireland is going back to the times of ‘’The Troubles” , the bloody civil war that started in August 1969 and ended only 30 years later. Certainly this was not the first bloody struggle in this part of the country and it is conceivable that the violence beween the Unionists and the IRA and other groups with their roots in the catholic a pro-Irish part of the population will again burst out.

To take a look at this astrologically it is a good idea to base yourself on the chart of the Great Conjunction (GC) of Saturn and Jupiter of 11 June 1146, 04:17:25 LMT Dublin, Asc 28.59 Gemini (chart not given here). Ireland is drinks, music, suppression, suffering, catholicism, magical lanscape and remote country. With six planets in the twelfth house and a lot of influence of Venus in Taurus this chart seem to reflect these characteristics very well.  So are there rising tensions to be seen in the progressions based on this chart? It has to be realised that this radix includes the north, it is about the whole of Ireland.

   To be able to assess this, the progressions in August 1969, when the conflict burst out,  have to be checked (click on the link above to view them) first. It is clear immediately, the direction of the MC is on Algol, the star of loosing your head, of blood-shed and disaster! It is also clear that it will not be over soon as Algol marks the beginning of the crisis zone  extending to about 10 Gemini.  On top of this the MC will soon be on Pluto and within a year the secondary Moon will conjunct the MC and Pluto! On the Asc is retrograde Mercury, natal Lord 1 indicating some important event, and the Moon is moving through the mansions Al Sharatan and Al Botein both hot-headed Aries mansions.

So the start of “The Troubles” is shown in an overwhelming way! It can also be seen that it will a long-lasting conflict, although it is not easy to spot when it will end  (this was when 30 years later the MC moved over the natal North Node). So this chart does not only clearly reflect the country’s characteristics, it is also very effective in the progressions. The question if comparable tensions can be seen now in the Irish chart will be answered next week. 

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