Next week on 3 November the Americans will vote and decide whether it is going to be Joe Biden or another four years of Donald Trump? On the national level it is clear, a majority of the Americans has seen enough of Trump, Biden is in the lead by about 10 %. However, this is not decisive, what is really important is how the separate states will vote and then mainly the “swing states, who will win there? In most of those states Biden is in the lead too, but the the differences are not too big and and te race certainly has not been decided yet.

There are many different ways to predict the outcome of an election, one of the best is delineating the lunar returns of the candidates under which the elections are held. Trump’s lunar return in force on 3 November looks worse than Biden’s, which would indicate Trump is not going to be re-elected. Another possibility is to take the chart of the day, calculated for the exact beginning of the astrological day, sun-rise in Washington. This shows what will happen in the US on that day. Of course, every day has such a chart, but this is a a very special day so it is a very special chart.

Looking back four years ago, when the elections were held on 8 November, this gives the chart above (click on the download button to be able to view it) . Of course, the general significator of kings is automatically on the Ascendant because of the technique we are using and everything that happens automatically in this way has no meaning. So the Sun on the Ascendnat does not mean the king (the Sun) will be strong this day. What is meaningful is the fact that the Sun is Lord 10 and Lord 10 stands for the powers that be. This is Barack Obama who could not be re-elected but we can see Hilary Clinton as his “successor”.

The Clinton/ Obama Sun is on the South Scale, the Scorpion’s Southern Claw that ruthlessly restores the balance. The Scorpion kills the arrogant hunter who deems herself invincible, I think Hilary Clinton could not have imagined that Trump would really win. What also strikes the eye, is the people’s Moon exactly on the IC in opposition with the MC of power and in negative reception with the Sun. So the people will get rid of the ruling elite, the king and his crown princess. Trump is Lord 4 Saturn, the opponent of those in power, by antiscion on Pluto.The Lord of Hades will strike unexpectedly and overwhelmingly, carrying away the price and so he did in 2016. The People-Moon loves Lord 4 Saturn, the challenger of the elite very much.

But how does it look next week? Trump is the king now and Lord 10 on the Ascendant which this time is not conjunct the South Scale. That is positive for him as he is now Orion. By antiscion however this Trump-Sun/Lord 10 in on the IC, the lowest point in the chart opposing the MC-throne. So the king will step down on 3 November. The Moon, the General Significator of the people, seems to confirm this, it is in the triplicity of Saturn, Lord 4 symbolising challenger Joe Biden. So they think he is a nice guy, whereas they are indifferent towards the Trump- Sun. The People-Moon is in the eighth house of death, showing they think it has been enough. Next week we will know.

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