In December last year we had the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the first degree of Aquarius, and this means the most important mundane-astrological cycle has definitively moved over into the Air element. This has caused the Corona crisis, a change of elements only happens once in 200 years, so this brings a deep crisis with significant changes. There was in 1980 a first GC in an Air sign but in 2000 it went back to Earth again, so in 2020 the transition phase 1980-2000 from Earth to Air was completed.

If Air replaces Earth (the element of the previous cycle) it can be expected that in developments and in the spirit of the times leaving behind Earthy limitations will be strongly emphasized. The fixation, limitation and stabilization by the material and the factual that characterize the Earth element will disappear more and more to the background. Bounds will be exceeded, opinions and ideologies will be favored above facts. You can see examples now of what this will mean concretely. It has effects on many, many levels, I have just selected a few striking things that show clearly how this works.


ABBA, elderly but still very popular has brought out a new album and there will even be a series of concertsin London! Of course, we will not see two grannies in kimono and two stiff old guys moving around on stage, no it will be a hologram concert. By hologram technique it is possible to project 3-dimensional images in space that look real. Physical limitations seem to have conquered and yes it looks nice, but it is also a bit creepy, because you can see it is not real. No doubt these concerts will be an enormous success as because of the Airy ambience people are ready for this (this BTW is certainly not the first hologram concert).


One of the most discussed themes in the past few years is of course gender. This is not determined any more by the anatomical reality, the new Airy idea that it is “not fixed”, the total fluidity and changeability is typical of the Air element that tends to exceed bounds. The fierceness with which this idea is pushed shows something about a transition phase, it is always a battle. The new thing, the Airy spirit in the collective mind, is defended fanatically, every relativizing Earthy perspective is easily qualified as old-fashioned and immoral.

For example, you dot hear much about the fact that gender change leads to a much higher risc of early death and many health problems, physical and psychological (research project Amsterdam Medical Centre). Whatever you think of it, it is not healthy at all. Every other intervention this dangerous would have prohibited right away. This whole development to technically change human bodies fits in a broader pattern that has manifested itself, as an ideology, this is called transhumanism. The idea is that by means of technology you can change and improve the human body according to your wishes, turning the body into an efficient quasi-machine, a “cyborg”. If this is only Science Fiction remains to be seen, we are only at the beginning of the Air times. But it is creepy and inhuman as our vulnerable mortal body is our humanity, we are no super heroes.


At the first start of the Air GC’s,  from 1980 the neo-liberalism of Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher began to get the upper hand, the state with all its rules and regulations had to go, so that the market could do its wholesome work. We are now dealing with all the trouble caused by the neo-liberals even the totally-stuck formation of a new cabinet in The Netherlands is one of the effects of this Airy ambience. The liberal party, the champion of Airy liberty, has become so dominant that they are not prepared any more to make any concessions so you can see how this works out very concretely in politics too.

From all these tendencies you can distill a few practical rules for the transition to make it more balanced and to counter extreme harmful developments. You will simply balance an excess of Air, according to the well-known medical-astrological principle, with a good dosage of sobering Earth.

  1. Facts are more important than opinions, ideas or ideology
  2. Material and physical bounds work balancing and harmonizing
  3. Rules and regulations are very much necessary to prevent economic relations getting out off hand even more.  

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