Last week the always fresh and young Olivia Newton-John, an” icon” as it is called today, passed away. And yes, who hasn’t seen Grease at least five times, Olivia is the star that makes John Travolta pale in comparison. For she is the Woman and no one can compete with that. In the previous post we already noted that a few elements are necessary in the interpretation of the radix, otherwise you will immediately loose a lot  of sharpness (just think of modern interpretations), fixed stars, dignities / receptions, antiscia but also planet parts you cannot leave out without missing a lot of very important information.

Perhaps the seven planetary parts are the most unknown and most neglected technique, but they are indispensable. A planetary part in a dominant place can make a whole life and the fascinating thing is that they move so fast, therefore they are extremely individual. It was Grease, irresistible and hyper-romantic (with vague echoes of Romeo and Juliet) that launched Olivia Newton forever as a singer and actress. And what do we find around the IC/MC axis an opposition of the Pars Fortunae and the Pars Solis!!

The planet parts are the very intense pure energies of the planets andos we see here  the pure female energy (the PoF is the Part of the Moon) in opposition to the purely masculine energy (te Pasr Solis is th Part of the Sun) . That is Grease but you also know the that this romantic tension will . make het whole career. It manifests itself tangibly because both parts are within two dgrees orb at the MC/IC axis and thdeen you know that something special will happen in this life. The feminine, the so fresh “girl” that she is always remained, is repeated by the strong female Moon in her own sign in the tenth house of the career.

The strong Great Benefic Jupiter in its own sign is involved in this opposition of the parts and again we see a repetition of a strong planet in a strong planet part. The Jupiter part is right on the Ascendant and it is of course very good to have the pure energy of the Great Benefic at the most personal point, it gives her the fresh always young appearance. Also, this “double” Jupiter as a planet and a part indicates her activism for the environment, for animal rights and her fight against breast cancer both personally and more socially (she founded a research center). She died from breast cancer in the end, the sensivity for which can be seen by the close sextile of the Moon (breasts) in Cancer (breasts) with Saturn, Lord 6 of illness.

Grease Firdar

 Jupiter is of course also Grease, hair fat and so you see how astrology works, a planet is a symbol that like in a caleidoscope scatters its light over the life and is reflected by many tangible details. The necessity of classical technique extends to prediction. The year 1978  in which Grease came out, fell in a Firdar (a live phase)  of the strong Grease-Jupiter and the subfirdar of the strong Moon in the tenth house! And in the month that Grease launched here as the eternal girl the progressions of the Part of the Moon was conjuncting the direction of the MC!

So we already have three planet parts on the axes, but even then we are  not done  yet with the parts.  On the decendant of the audience we find a conjunction of the parts of Venus (beauty) and Mercury (expression) in opposition with the Jupiter part on the ascendant.  Take a moment to look at this magnificent comnstellation of parts hat have caused this post to be written, because without these parts we would never have known her name.

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