He is a bit in the last days of his career but he still shines brightly at the World Cup in Qatar, the whole Argentine team revolves around him, around superstar Lionel Messi.

In Messi’s radix, it is immediately noticeable that both the Moon and the Ascendant stand on royal Aldebaran, the star of spring that promises great success and wealth. Aldebaran is the Eye of the Bull  a very physical and material beast and a star with a pure Mars energy, both of which are not bad for a top football player. In addition to that double Aldebaran, another royal star, namely Pollux, also has a lot of influence. Mars the planet of battle and sport, stands on the immortal Twin Brother (his brother Castor is killed). through antiscion, this Mars-with-Pollux falls on the Ascendant and therefore becomes very prominent. Pollux is a powerful warrior and, like Aldebaran, it is a star with a pure Mars character, which is not common, most stars have a mixed nature.


In the first house, Venus, Lord 5 of sports and entertainment, is found very strongly on Rigel, a star of the first magnitude in the Hunter Orion. Rigel also gives a lot of success, the Hunter is a very physical constellation and the cusp of the fifth house of sports and games falls on royal Spica, as if it wasn’t enough! Remarkably, Messi has very few essentially strong planets, his mega-success comes from that improbable concentration of stellar force, especially in the first house.

That the point of the Sun (Asc + Sun – Moon) in the first house is conjunct the Sun itself via antiscion, is an additional clue. The Point of the Sun is also the Point of Abundance, which thus connects with the general significator of fame. In addition, the planetary point of Mars (battle, Asc + PF – Mars) is also important, it is conjunct the planetary point of Jupiter (Victory, Asc + Jup – Pars of the Sun) and such ac onjunction of planetary points among themselves always indicates a prominent concrete theme in a life.

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