Last week’s post was about the chart of Woodstock the famous, ultimate hippy climax in 1969. Less known but still with a considerable reputation, is a Dutch Woodstock clone whick took place a year later, so fifty years ago. This was the Holland Pop Festival, much better-known as “Kralingen” after the lake in Rotterdam near which it was staged. As it is fifty years ago that this happened, there has been some media attention for “Kralingen” over the past few months. Of course, it would be interesting to check to what degree the Kralingen chart resembles the Woodstock chart we dicussed last week, click on the download button below to view the Woodstock chart.  

Like Woodstock Kralingen was spread out over three days, but it started with a disco at midnight on Friday morning. Striking the eye in this chart is the fact that Jupiter rules the first and the tenth house, so it is very important. The planet of expansion and exceeding boundaries was also very present in the Woodstock chart, although it was on the Asscendant there, in Kralingen the Great Benefic falls in the seventh house on very powerful royal Spica.

This royalty already explains something about the gerat reputation of the Kralingen festival, you had some stories to tell if you had been there. However, the Jupiter antiscion is also very telling, it is on the strongly expansive North Node, which can be seen as a kind of super-Jupiter! Jupiter – Lord 1/10 conjunct the North Node is on Dene , the bright and powerful main star in the Swan, connected to Venus and the arts. Not too bad for a music festival and this conunction is placed, yes here it pops up again, in the twelfth house  of psychedelics, also so strongly emphasized in the Woodstock chart. Kralingen is often seen as the start of the Dutch soft drugs policy, there was a lot of weed-smoking going on, but the police did not do anything.

Jupiter Lord 1/10 is, like in the Woodstock chart, connected to pleasure planet Venus by reception, Venus is in the triplicity ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is in Venus’ domicile. Saturn Lord 12 also falls on Venus by antiscion, bringing the psychedelics in again and all the themes of the 12th house. The pleasure is further underlined by the Moon, Lord of the fifth house of pleasure in strong mutual reception  with Mars, which placed in the fifth house. Mars is in its fall in Cancer indicating the rougher aspects in this hippy festival, it was not all just lovely. Apart from powerful royal Spica and first-magnitude Deneb, we have Achernar, a first-magnitude  star of a pure Jupiter nature on the Ascendant. So we find a lot of the “hippy planets”’ Jupiter and Venus in this chart, which were very much present in the Woodstock chart. 

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