The Corona virus is spreading over the world, and the question is what are the astrological backgrounds of what seems to be developing into a pandemic. In a previous post we analysed the 2019 Aries ingress (the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again) for Wuhan, the city of the first outbreak. But now it concerns the whole world and there is no chart for the world, we always need a place to calculate a chart. What is possible however, is checking the Aries ingress on very tense positions. If we only look at the generally relevant parts, so only aspects and planets on stars and no angles or cusps, we have a kind of world chart, as these positions are the same everywhere. Click on the download button below to be able to view the ingress chat.

This Aries ingress was calculated for Rome, it was in Italy that the virus mysteriously manifested in Europe for the first time, the first European patient has not been found. First, we will look at the things that are the same for the wole world, so not at cusps and angles, and there are two indications for extra high tension. There is an applying opposition between the Sun and the Moon, so an upcoming Full Moon. A Full Moon is the moment the Moon is at its weakest and if we see the Moon in a very general sense as the people, this is not very positive of course. The more so because the Moon is on Labrum, one of the three stars of fate. This does not mean anything specific yet but it is not very positive.

The second general indication is the position of malefic Mars in its detriment in Taurus, so it will show its nastiest side.That is not nice but this Mars is also placed on a star we often run into in mundane astrology, Algol “the most malefic star in the heavens”. The key words traditionally connected to Algol are unsuitable for the ears of our younger readers, an oubreak of a disease with many victims would be something Algol could be connected to. So yes seen very generally, without making the chart local and specific, there are signs more negative than average, only with Mars in play we would tend to think of a serious military conflict or disastrous fires.

If we make the ingress more specific by looking at angles and cusps, this Mars is almost exactly on the descendant in the ingress for Rome and Mars is Lord 1, most out-spoken the country in 2019. So whatever Mars will bring, it will strike very hard  (or for the first time ) in Italy. Venus is Lord 6 of illness in the ingress for Rome an it is in narrow sextile with Mars. It is also striking that in the winter ingress (calcuated for the exact moment the Sun enters Capricorn, chart not shown here), Mars is in opposition with the Algol-Mars in the annual ingress, so it will be activated in winter.   


What can we expect, can we say something about this astrologically? On 21 March we will have a new Aries ingress without this Algol-Mars and without an upcoming Full Moon and this kind of flue-like viruses tend to disappear at the end of winter so we may expect it to be over by then.

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