Mega-rock star Robbie Williams recently released his first works of art, the main theme of his paintings is psychological balance. It is clear that this is not optimal with many rock stars, but with Williams it is very strong, he really has to fight for it. Addictions are always lurking, although he seems to have used pills, cocaine or alcohol for years now. The question, of course, is how that can be seen in the radix of the megastar who has just turned 50?

Robbie Williams

The first thing that strikes you in this radix is its lack of essential dignity. The Sun and Mars are in detriment, the Moon is in fall, Mercury is in fall and detriment, and the other three planets are peregrine. That means he has no anchor in his life, there is no planetary energy that functions well and that he can always count on. Wherever you look, weakness can be seen and from what he says you can conclude that it does indeed feel that way for him. There is no place to go to.


So his success is not so much indicated by a strong planet, but it can be seen very clearly on the Ascendant. Regulus the most royal star that “gives you the throne”’ falls on the Ascendant and that alone is a guarantee of success, if he had been born a minute later (with the Asc in Virgo) we would never have heard of him, he would have remained an anonymous sniffer and drinker. Furthermore, the Moon catches the eye, it is on an angle and will therefore have a lot of influence in his life. The Moon is the planet of the emotional state, is in Scorpio in fall and is therefore extremely vulnerable.


This vulnerable Moon is in the fourth house of the family in which you grow up and shows that it has lacked emotional warmth, stability and protection. This Moon in fall is also in opposition with the malefic Mars in detriment, and the raw fighter planet is the last to provide an emotional supportive environment. That is already a lot of tension on that enormously sensitive Moon, which is even more under pressure by the square with the Sun/Jupiter conjunction. This conjunction is in the sixth house of illness, but it is also a cazimi position, so impossible to stop.

The Goat’s Tail

The Sun that launches Jupiter so unstoppably through cazimi, is in detriment and Lord 12 of addictions, at the same time Jupiter is also Lord 5 of creativity. You can see the intertwining of the madness and the art here. The all-important cazimi-Jupiter falls on the star Deneb Algedi, the Tail of Capricorn, the border of life and death. The Capricorn is the Goat-Fish and the Goat-Fish brings difficult situations, you can only survive by going from Goat (too earthy) to Fish (more spiritual and detached). That art will be important in this can be seen not only in the unstoppable cazimi Lord 5 but also in the strongly expansive North Node right on creative cusp 5 and in Venus, the planet of art placed in the fifth house and by antiscion conjunct the Part of the Sun also called  Abundance.        

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