American president Donald Trump is attacking the video app TikTok. TikTok is an extremely popular app on which very short videos can be shared, often singing or dancing adolescents or recordings meant to make you laugh. However, TikTok has in the past few months become one of the most popular app’s in the world and there are many more users now than only adolescents. Trump accuses TikTok of abusing its users’ data and has made them a proposal they can’t refuse, either they will sell their activities in the US to an American company or they are history.

Such a dramatic development should be visible in TikTok’s chart, but how could we get TikTok’s birth data? The TikTok app in its current very succesfull form was created by joining together three other existing app’s  and this happened on 2 August 2018, so we have a reliable date but how do we get a time (place is Bejing, where ByteDance, TikTok’s mother company is located)? We may assume that the new app was available from midnight (Chinese time in Bejing), this leads to this natal chart which can be seen by clicking on the download button above.

Undertaker energy

There are two things in this chart striking the eye immediately, Algol on the Ascendant and the South Node on the MC, this is no “middle of the road” chart. Crisis star Algol is certainly not only bad for success, mythologically it is connected to the Gorgone Medusa, not only a repulsive monster with snakes as hairs, but also an irresistably attactive woman. Face to face with Medusa, people will loose their heads and be drawn along by their most basic instincts and this is of course very good for success. Donald Tump himself has Algol on his MC.

On the TikTok MC the South Node is found, a very limiting Saturn-like energy, this seems not to be good for mega popularity!But even the South Node is not always just simply negative, it is also the exit gate out off life, so for an undertaker for example it would not be bad and this is the same for TikTok. It is the extreme limitation of the duration of the recordings of only 15 seconds and often even less, that “expresses or “uses”’ the South Node energy. It is on the edge of nothing. You are allowed to draw attention to your ego as long as a short-winded gasp and then it is over, the postmodern attitude in a nut-shell.

Praesepe splinters

Mars is near the MC on powerful first magnitude Altair, not too bad for success, the Sun conjuncts the expansive North Node and is located in the Praesepe nebula. Praesepe is connected to the story of Hercules crushing the Crab into thousands of pieces and this describes exactly the TikTok video splinters. The progressions clearly show why  they have to deal with a belligerent Donald Trump now, the MC is exactly on the South Node and then sacrifices have to be made. TikTok does not have the option to express the South Node and make its videos even shorter as it would then reduce to nothing and disappear like a moth in cyberspace.                      

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