One of the problems in finding a good radix for Ukraine is the country’s extremely eventful history. It was ruled by several other countries, and until it broke away from the disintegrating Soviet Union in 1991, it had only been truly independent for three years. Of course, Ukraine is located in a place where many forces pull, from north and south, from east and west. Yet there is a moment on which a radix can be based, on June 28, 988, Prince Wladimir forged the country into a unity.

Fallen Moon

Using the well-known technique of taking the horoscope of the exact moment of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter before the year of the foundation or the first unity of a country as a radix, a chart can now be made. Due to the very eventful history of Ukraine, we can expect some tense positions in this radix. The first thing that immediately catches the eye in this national radix is the Moon right on the IC, in its fall in Scorpio. That, of course, is not a good sign, one of the Luminaries, the general significator of the people, so weak in essential dignity.


However, the Moon does have a lot of influence because it is on the IC/MC axis, so at the lowest point on the IC this is in opposition to the government on the MC. That seems to be an indication of the domination by foreign powers: the Ukrainian people are not ruling themselves, but are being pushed down to the lowest point. On the other side, the MC is Prima Hyadum, the main star of the Hyades, one of the stars from the notorious crisis zone around Algol, strongly associated with a promise that is not being fulfilled. The Hyads are also the half-sisters of the Pleiads, which shows the difficult relationship with the Russian “brothers”.

Mouth of the Fish

The ruler of of the first house is Mercury, which in the sixth house of adversity stands on the very bright Fomalhout, the Mouth of the Southern Fish. Fomalhout is a star associated with spiritual development, so despite its brightness, it does not give much power in the world. Lord 1 in the individual radix is the person “in his life, in his environment”, and for countries this is the same. Mercury makes a conjunction with the warlike Mars, Lord 9 of foreign countries indicating the many wars and occupation by foreign powers.

Planet Parts

It is always a good idea to look at the position of the seven planet parts, the planet parts indicate special, extrordinary themes. The Mars part is on the GC degree, which strongly emphasizes the theme of battle. The Saturn part  – captivity – falls on Mars – Lord 9 – which is conjunct Lord 1 in the sixth house, so restriction that comes from abroad as a special theme. All in all, this Ukrainian radix seems to reflect the history well, but the real decisive factor is of course whether it also works well in the progressions adn returns?   

Radix Oekraine

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