Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at the progressions in the chart of Israel and those in the radix of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). The current war was clearly visible in this, also the lunar return based on the PNA radix showed the month that the attack by Hamas took place with the necessary clarity. However, the natal chart of Israel has not yet been discussed and we can expect that chart to be very special. After all, the land and Jerusalem are central to the world, Jerusalem is a holy city in three religions, a huge focus of energy.

Indeed, the radix of Israel is very special, it is teeming with powerful and dramatic positions, especially because of the fixed stars. The country has mythical proportions, you could say, and myth, that’s what the stars show. On the Ascendant is the beneficent royal Spica who takes you further than you could have hoped for and that certainly seems to be true. As a newcomer, this small country has managed to hold its own surrounded by enemies on all sides. The military strength needed for this can be seen in Mars, standing on the all-powerful royal Regulus, the Lion’s Heart, and on cusp 11 of the government’s resources (the eleventh being the second house from the tenth). The planet part of Mars is in opposition to the battle planet, strongly emphasizing the military aspect.

Canis Minor

The Moon is Lord 10 and is very powerful in the tenth house, on the MC the cusp of the tenth house is Procyon, not a royal star but very bright and powerful. It is the main star of the Little Dog who does it his way very cleverly and deftly with the necessary aggressive biting power. Through antiscion, the Sun is conjunct the Moon/Lord 10 and that Sun is in its original position on the disastrous killer Algol, which shows the bloody history of the country. That Sun on Algol is once again in the eighth house of death.


Also striking in the tenth house is Saturn manifesting its meanest side in its detriment, Saturn is Lord 4 of origin and lineage and of course this refers to Nazi Germany and the concentration camps. The persecution by the Nazis was the immediate cause that led to the establishment of the Jewish state. On the IC is the star of fate Terebellum, appropriately enough also called the Prophecy. It’s overwhelming, with Spica, Regulus, Procyon and Algol!! The Lunar Mansion completes the picture, that is Al Natrah associated with dominating and  ruling, Al Natrah is also associated with the Empty Crib and Israel is a state of Jews, the people who did not recognize Christ as the long-promised Messiah.

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