In last week’s post, we looked at Barbie’s chart, the movie is a huge blockbuster at the moment, and the progressions in Barbie’s radix clearly showed that. People often combine the Barbie movie with another film about the life of Robbert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb. This somewhat unlikely cocktail has even been given a name “Barbenheimer”, well you have to do something this summer. In Japan there is anger about the combination, the nuclear trauma is still very deep there.

Oppenheimer’s birth time cannot be determined, but the exact time of the birth of his “child” is of course known. The first atomic bomb went off in New Mexico, the test had been given the ominous codename “trinity” by Oppenheimer. When he saw the bomb go off, he thought “Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds”, a quote from the Bhagavad Gita. In the horoscope of the birth of the Bomb, this can be seen immediately. Saturn the general significator of death, is Lord 8 of death and conjuncts the Ascendant, in Cancer in his detriment, he shows his nastiest  side.

Big Dog

The symbolism is also striking on a deeper level. Saturn is the physical structure that is dissolved here in detriment at an essential level. The energy of the atomic bomb is the energy of matter itself that is released by the nuclear fission, radioactivity is part of the decomposition of matter. The Saturn structure dissolves in the Waters of Cancer, the Lord of Cancer the Moon makes this acute by a narrow  square with Saturn.

Tsei He

The Ascendant stands aptly on the biggest bully star in the sky, Sirius, the intimidating Mouth of the Big Dog. Indeed, intimidation and deterrence are central, the Sun is on the equally powerful Procyon in the Small Dog. That indicates the enormous influence of nuclear weapons, the Dogs must always be tightly guided and must not allowed to decide for themselves what they are going to do, that is also very true. Mars, the general siginificator of bombs stands on – where else? – Algol the most evil star on the firmament, also called Tsei He, piled-up corpses.


The warlike Mars is in detriment and makes a trine with expansive Jupiter Lord 6 of disease and misfortune in detriment, so both planets show their worst sides. On the MC is Scheat from Pegasus, connected to the story of Bellerophon who tried to fly to the world of gods on his own initiative and had to pay heavily for it. He fell from the sky and was left crippled and lonely, in Hiroshima they know what that’s about. The planet parts repeat the being of the Bomb, the Part of the dissolving power of the Moon is conjunct the Part  of Saturn, the essence of matter on Neptune who wipes  out everything with the ferocious power of his watera. I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds.

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