Last week we talked about the symbolism of the Goat-Fish Capricorn, connected to the time around Christmas the time when the Sun enters Capricorn. It is the darkest time of the year where the cycle reverses and the light slowly starts to get stronger again. It is also a grim phase, as the myth that has to do with Capricorn is about the confrontation with Typhon death. But why then is it a time of so much romance and sweetness, of peace and love? For example, the ultimate Christmas movie is the mega hit Love Actually! How does that fit in with the somewhat dark image of Capricorn?

That has to do with the character of the cycle of the zodiac. At this point of Capricorn, there are two ways forward. Either you continue the path of the zodiac where the cycle goes on in the normal way, or the cycle ends and you go to the next stage, from the earthly Goat part to the Fish part of the non-material dimension. If you leave the earthly, leave the material duality behind you, you enter into a dimension of peace and unity, the tension and the battle that belong to earthly life are left behind here.

Love Actually

That’s why Love Actually  is the ultimate Christmas movie. Beyond earthly matter everything is unity and so love,  the cycle has arrived at that point at Christmas. The dignities of the planets in  Capricorn can also be understood from this. That Saturn has its domicile here will be clear, it is the point where the boundary is reached and where the earthly ends. But what about Mars, which has its exalation here? That is clear, when you have to cross the border, and that is death, you need courage and combativeness very much, the ties with earthly life must be rigorously cut and that is a fight. Capricorn is not for nothing the only sign in which the two malefics have a lot of dignity.


That the Moon has its detriment here will also be clear. The Moon is the great symbol of earthly life and that stops here. This also applies to Jupiter wich has its fall in Capricorn. Jupiter is growth and expansion and yes also thret is finished here. Capricorn is the transition to the unity from earthly duality and in unity there is no longer any growth of Jupiter possible or necessary and also no more changeability of the Moon. Capricorn is thus the gate in and out of life and that is exacty the reason why the antiscia, the points that reflect the duality of the world par excellence are found through the axis Capricorn-Cancer.  That axis is the creation axis of duality, in lunar Cancer earthly life begins and in Capricorn it ends, everything is caught between those two poles.

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