Last week Prince Philip died, wo was married to Queen Elisabeth for no less than 73 years and later we will give his chart more attention. Of course, the press was totally focussed on this event so the death of another public figure occured almost in silence. This was Bernie Madoff, who in the beginning of this century designed the biggest ever pyramid fraude. A pyramid fraude or a “Ponzi scheme” is a form of financial fraude, by wich “’investors”’ realize very high results, but their money was never invested. They receive their payments from the capital brought in by new investors who are attracted by the good results.

The whole idea was invented by the Italian-American immigrant Charles Ponzi in the Twenties of the last century, but he never reached the huge scale on which Bernie Madoff applied his idea. Madoff’s business went like up a rocket till the financial crisis caused his fall (no new investors), in 2009 he was sentenced to 150 years in prsison, where died last week. A lot of venom was spit out on him especially in jewish circles, as a jewish New Yorker Madoff seduced many in his environment to invest in his business.

His chart shows the whole megafraude surprsingly clearly, and this is an illustration of how the free will works. The chart shows Madoff can do this but not that he will.No one is ever obliged to commit criminal or immoral acts by his chart, the chart shows what happens in your life, but not what you do  with it. That is the free will, you can always say no. In his chart – click on the link below to see it – it is clearly indicated he will be able to hide many things.

It is the MC immediately drawing attention to itself, Algol is on it, the monstrous Medusa’s head enabling you to make others loose their heads.  Algol can enhance the career very much, as Medusa is not only a monster, she is is also depicted as a very seductive woman. So it can make things appear as irresistably attractive, whereas they are in fact monstrous, this is one of the best descriptions of Madoff’s activities you can get. Venus Lord 10 of the career is on Alcyone, the main star in the Pleiades, connected to disappointment, it is very strong in its own sign in the tenth house and it is about to change sign, an indication of falling. A bit further in the tenth house Mars, Lord 9 of religion and foreign countries, is placed on the main star of the Hyads, comparable in meaning with the Pleiads.   

Nebulous Business

The placement  of the Souh Node near the MC  is also striking, it has to do with taking away and painful limitations.  All these factors are on nebulous star groups, this is why he was able to hide his cheating so long. That it would take on these huge  proportions can be seen in the Ascendant on super-royal Regulus. His ruler of the second and the eleventh houses, both financial houses, shows the fraude, it is cheating Mercury doing unusual things in its retrogradation on fate star Al Pherg. Jupiter the General Significator of wealth and great perspectives is strong on the Descendant, although a planet there is never quite yours, which is very true in Madoff’s case.

The whole idea of a cycle (the Ponzi scheme) ending is very much emphasized, with Lord 2 /11 of money on Al Pherg(which as a Pisces star marks the end), the South Node in the tenth house, Venus/Lord 10 in the last degree of the sign and the heart of the Lion, killed by Hercules on the Ascendant. The lunar mansion, often mirroring the most important motive in the life, succintly summarizes all this. It is Batn Al Hut, the Fishes’ Belly and  the last mansion in which the whole cycle ends. It is a very clear picture of the pyramid fraude, built on quicksand in which ist will inevitably sink away. The picture of the last decanate of Taurus according to Johannes Angelus is that of a man on crutches with a wooden leg..

In 2008, a year before his conviction, his North Node  Firdrar started,  normallly this is a good time for powerful expansion, but in his radix it near the IC, the lowest point in the chart, so he will fall down from his high place. The North Node is on the powerful Centaur star Bungula, this Centaur is Pholus who picks up a poison arrow and dies… 

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