Throughout the world, there seems to be a struggle between two forces, on the one hand a globalist, liberal often pro-Western current and on the other hand an authoritarian nationalistic, conservative movement. You can see this in all countries on all continents, the conservative-authoritarian movement is a reaction to the pervasiveness of liberal-globalism, a resistance to the uncertainty that that brings. For many, the world as a big open market is certainly not an improvement, even in the rich Netherlands a significant part of the population can no longer make a decent living.


This opposition to liberalism often takes on grim forms, even in friendly vivacious Brazil, a president came to power with Jaïr Bolsonaro who presented himself as agressively extreme right. His presidency came to an end in October last year, he just lost the election, his followers occupied the parliament but he himself did not stir things up any further and he went to the US for reasons that were not entirely clear. It is to be expectedand that he will return, because half of the population supports his rather extreme politics.

To see who wins elections when it comes to a dual between two candidates, the lunar of the month under which the election is held is a fine  instrument. If someone wins, that’s quite an event and that has to be visible in the return chart. The interesting thing in this case is that Bolsonaro really just lost. It is therefore a good idea to look at the lunar return of his loss,  it can teach us a lot about the approach of these types of horoscopes.

President- Sun

On the MC , which is of course of great importance, is the star or rather the nebula Prasesepe, which has to do with fragamentation and loss. That’s not so good for him, besides, the Sun/Lord 10 is on the cusp of the weakening twelfth house. Venus, Lord 7 of the opponent stands nearby and approaches the Sun, an image of his opponent hunting for his presidency. What is striking is that Venus/Lord 7 is on Vindemniatrix which is not a good star for winning. But the Sun/Lord 10, Bolsonara’s job is really already in the twelfth house, Lord 7 of the opponent is further away from it, which makes Lord 7 relatively stronger.

Snake Heart

Lord 1, Bolsonaro that month, is Mars on Capella, the Chariot, which describes the situation, but it is  also in House 8 of death. So both Lord 10 and Lord 1, the lunar return’s most important house rulers, are in weakening houses.  Lord 1 Mars is also in opposition to the Pars of the Sun, the essence of the Solar energy of the king, not good of course.  On the ascendant Unukalhai is found, the Snake Heart, also not really nice as will be obvious. The chart is not really very pronounced and may seem a bit boring, the interpretation is a careful weighting, but with Lords 1 and 10 in weak housz and Lord 1 in opposition with the Part of the Sun, he looses. When it’s  that difficult, you can always look at the next lunar return and it’s very pronounced with Antares, the royal star which indicates the end of a cycus at the MC!!!

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