The star Antares, the Scorpion’s Heart, with an intense martial-red colour, shows again that its dark reputation is well-deserved. The name of this very powerful royal star that ends cycles and therefore is also called the Death Star, was derived from “ Anti-Ares”. Ares is the war god Mars and “anti” indicates he is the war god’s rival. Antares is even fiercer in its martial activities than Mars itself. So if Antares is activated a merciless battle can be expected, of course such an activation of Antares will allways have to be judged in the context of the situation and the nature of the chart. Antares is not death and endings just like that.

The recent events in the US look Antares-like and indeed in the progressions based on the US Great Conjunction chart a clear Antares activation can be seen. The US Great Conjunction chart, as was often explained on this blog, is the chart of the exact moment of the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter preceding the foundation of the US as an independent nation. The recent developments in the US illustrate again that this is a very effective radix, much more effective than other charts which have been proposed. This GC-radix will not be analysed now, we will look at the progressions, today Joe Biden will inaugurated and tensions will climax, click on the link below to view the progressions.

Mars power

It is immediately clear, the progressed Sun is moving over Antares, in predicting on the basis of mundane charts, even if they are centuries old, we will always look at the star positions now. The Sun is the General Significator of power so yes it could not be clearer, the Sun progression is moving away form Antares, but it will be felt for another six months. So this releases an enormous Mars energy, on top of that Mars itself is also active. The progression of Mars, moving fast now at one degree a year, squares natal Mars from the first degree of Aquarius where its is placed on fiery Altair, a powerful Eagle star of a Mars/Jupiter nature. This progression will also remain in orb for another six months. Progressed Jupiter/ natal Lord 10 ( the governmental elite) is also involved by opposition with natal Mars.

Of course, the progressed Jupiter is moving too slowly to be used on its own in predicting but is activated now by the square from Mars and the it counts. This happens on the progressed nodal axis, always a sign of important changes. The fast progressed factors the Part of Fortune (PoF), the Part of the Sun (PoS) and the Moon, moving at about one degree a month, complete this picture. The PoF sextiles/trines this progressed Jupiter/Lord 10 in opposition with natal Mars, this will be over in a month. The PoS is on Praesepe a very malefic nebula,which can associated with a brainless, merciless power struggle, this will also be over in a month.   

Al Haqa     

 The Moon progressing thorugh the Manzils, the Western lunar mansions, gives more information about the developments in the country, it will soon leave Al Dabaran, a  very fiery and martial mansion to move over into the next one.  For a year the Moon was in Al Dabaran, to which a picture of a fiery galopping cavalry-man holding a snake belongs, an appropriate image for an election year of  extreme polarisation.  The next mansion is Al Haqa, its picture is a crowned head surrounded by stars, indicating a king controlling strong wild desires by clear, cool thinking. The transition to the Biden administration could not have been shown much clearer. The Mars activations wil remain in force for another six months, but the absolute climax of tensions, indicated by the fast factors will decrease in one or two months.

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