In recent weeks, in this blog we have looked at the cahrts that showed the floods in Slovenia in early August. They were serious and caused a lot of damage. Last week, more natural disasters were in the news, a disastrous earthquake in Morocco, south of Marrakesh, and a devastating hurricane that led to the breach of two dams in eastern Libya. A mudslide was the result that razed the city of Derna to the ground in ten minutes.


These disastrous events make the need to be able to make clear predictions of natural disasters with astrology even more urgent. The disaster in Libya is one of almost apocalyptic proportions, and if we have to choose charts to investigate this, it seems like a good idea to start at the level of the eclipses. Then we have to look at the eclipse of April 20, the last before this disaster. It is also important to have an eye for the exact location because there is no damage in the west of Libya. On May 5 there was another eclipse, but that was an “appulse”, in which the Moon only passes through the penumbra of the Earth and does not really become completely dark, we will leave that “half eclipse” aside.


So the eclipse is calculated for the city of Derna, but of course when you think about forecasting, we don’t know in advance that it will get so bad there! What is possible, of course, is that astrologers keep an eye on the relevant charts for their regions and locations. There is also a program with which you can see where an eclipse or lunation will have a strong effect due to an important position on the angles. In the eclipse chart that preceded the disaster in Derna, the danger is very clearly indicated. The eclipse itself may not be on the Ascendant, but the nodal axis is! And the nodal axis is a very important, essential part of an eclipse.

Mars in Fall

That is a sign that the full force of the eclipse will come down in Derna and that is not a good sign, apart from the further positions. In an eclipse, one of the Luminaries goes out and that remains a crisis symbolism. The Ascendant with the Node is on Sharatan, the violent Ram’s horn and Venus / Lord 1 is placed on the royal very martial Aldebaran. Mars is in the chart in fall and therefore shows its nastiest side, which also means that stars in which a Martial energy works, have a more destructive effect. Mars is on violent Sirius which has a Jupiter/Mars nature and by antiscion that nasty Mars falls on Venus, Lord 1.

Fishes’ Mouth

Lord 10 – with Lord 1 the most important house ruler – is Saturn on Fomalhout, the Mouth of the Southern Fish into which the water is poured out! Through antiscion, this Lord 10 makes an opposition with Jupiter who is Lord 8 of death. So there is a lot of danger to be seen in this chart. But the decisive position is the Nodal Axis that falls on the Ascendant here and thus unleashes this whole threatening potential in Derna. Next week we will look at the luantion that preceded the disaster.

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