In the last two posts, we have looked at the charts of the beginning of the Eurovision Song Contest. The question was whether it was possible to determine from these horoscopes which country and which song would win the festival. To see this, the method once proposed by John Frawley was used to start from the movement of the MC. If you fix the planets in the horoscope, you look at which planet the MC pushed forward makes the first aspect, a song that has to do with that planet is going to win. That seems to be pretty accurate, but the idea that the sign in which that planet is located indicates the country that wins does not seem to work very well.

Eurovisie 2025


That also means that we can already see which song will win in 2025 and that you could even write a song that fits that image, a kind of election! The Eurovision Song Contest in 2025 will be held in Switzerland, the date is already known, the place is not, that will probably be Basel or Geneva. That doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t lead to major relevant differences. The MC makes the first aspect in these charts with the Sun, which is very close to the Descendant, the Descendant is again on Algol.


Algol has to do with losing your head, Algol is the Head of Medusa and Medusa has snakes on her head instead of hair. Snakes are a symbol for desires that dominate the mind and that is why Medusa is also depicted as a very seductive woman, Algol also gives glamour. Uranus is also close to it, the sky god of unlimited possibilities who was castrated by Saturn, indicating a painful limitation. The Sun’s masculine energy is in the sign of Venus and Venus is in Aries, the sign of elevation of the Sun, so a strong mutual reception.


So it doesn’t look really original. The mutual reception indicates love between Venus and the Sun, Algol an irresistible, galamorous attraction, Uranus disappointment and impossibility. It is also just after Full Moon the oppsoition of Sun and Moon, it is over. It seems that a rather classic love song will win, not really original but after all the gender-bending, women with beards and men in skirts, in recent years, that would be a relief.       

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