Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not show much remorse when he recently also had to go as an MP.  Partygate, the scandal of the alcoholic get-togethers on Downing Street during the Corona lockdown, now seems to have ended his entire political career, but in style his last words were: hasta la vista baby. Whether he will indeed come back, we will look at that later in this blog, but it does not look too bad for him.

Al Iklil

His fall as a politician can be followed impressively by the progressive Moon and its passage through the Lunar Mansions, the Manzils. The problems started when the Moon passed through the Crown – Al Iklil– the first Mansion of Scorpio, which of course has to do with a life-and-death struggle. The Crown refers to the head that is emphasized in this Manzil. Scorpio is the beast sent by the gods to kill the arrogant, self-overestimating hunter Orion. That’s certainly a warning.

Al Shaula

In September ’22, the Moon went to the next Manzil of Scorpio Al Qalb, the Heart, so what was in the head only in thoughts and images now becomes bitter reality, the heart is the essence of  Scorpio. Johnson went to Balmoral to offer his resignation to the Queen. Now that he also has to step down as an MP, the Moon enters the last Manzil of the Scorpion, Al Shaula, the Sting, with which the poison is injected until death follows. This completes the Scorpio process of killing Orion.


Other progressive factors complement that picture of falling down, the (primary) ascendant is about to enter Scorpio’s fifth and final term. Through that movement, he leaves behind his strongest planet Mercury, the lord of the fourth term, and activates Saturn, the lord of the fifth term. Limiting Saturn makes a trine in his radix with the Moon Lord 10, which is in the first degree Scorpio and has therefore just gone to its fall, not good for te career. The Pars Solis (moves backwards through the signs) has just entered Cancer and has thus also activated that radix-Moon, Lord 10 in fall.

Hasta la vista? In five years, the Sun will pass over imperial Regulus, which leads to the throne and Mercury the most powerful planet in his radix will be activated. That certainly looks very strong. So yes, maybe we’ll see him back on the political scene again some day.          

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