In my last two posts the progressions in the Irish radix were discussed and big crisis situations, like the start of The Troubles in 1969 and the Great Famine in 1845-1850, turned out to be clearly indicated by strong tensions in the progressions. Brext has now led to a stronger fear that the old conflict in Northren Ireland will ignite again, and indeed riots have broken out over the past six months. Some militant groups have been making threatening statements, but is this really the start of a new civil war? Will peaceful Belfast change into a war zone again?

If this really would be so, the progressions should indicate this clearly. It is a good idea to keep the positions in mind causing big trouble in the past, these were mainly the slows factors moving through the Algol crisis zone. The slow factors are the directions of the Asc and the Mc and the secondary progression of the Sun. There is no picture of the Irish radix given here , the radix data can be found in the two previous posts, to view the current progressions, click on the link below.

As the crisis zone around Algol is so sensitive, there is one progression immediately striking the eye. The Part of the Sun ( the “reversed Taurus” symbol) has just moved through the Algol zone and is leaving it. Note the Part of the Sun is moving backward through the zodiac. This movement is reassuring , the big problems this zone can bring are left behind, it clearly reflects the rising tensions as a consequence of Brexit and the rioting over the past six months. It is also reassuring that this zone is not activated by any slow factor, like when the Troubles started in 1969.

Sorcerers’s Apprentice

What do the other movements show? By antiscion the progressed Sun is moving over the Irish MC which cannot indicate anything bad. The direction of the MC is on Sirius, the brutish main star of the Big Dog, a star of intimidation and violence which is not nice of course, like the star Vindemiatrix the Asc is on, Vindemiatrix is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, things can can get out off hand easily. The fast factors the Part of Fortune and the Moon are changing signs, pointing to a new situation. The PoF is entering Pisces, activating Jupiter, the Moon is entering Aries, activating Mars which is not nice in this context. Later on the Moon will make an antiscial conjnction with the progressed Mars at 5 ° Aries.

What to make of this? Really very strong ad overwhelming indications for crisis cannot be found, but with Sirius, Vindemiatrix and Mars activated ist does not look really peaceful and it is not really peaceful of course. In June a new solar return starts, if things are really  going to worsen this new return should indicate it, next week we are going to take a look at that.

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